[VIDEO] 5 Lessons Learned from my Groupon Refund Experience

Here are my suggestions to on how to get a Groupon Refund and the e-mail response I received.

My 5 lessons learned from my Groupon refund experience (watch the videos) with Posh Nails Spa in Buckhead

1. I suggest that sponsors of the show offer my mommy viewers a promotional discount like free shipping of $10-50 off as an incentive and way to track the results of the sponsorship. But I’d advise that if they want to work with a dedicated deal site in the future to consider what their goal is, to consider it a marketing expense not a revenue generator. They should also be prepared (with additional staff and supplies) to handle the influx of customer.

2. Before you buy a discount offer read the fine print and follow-up with a phone call to see if there are additional restrictions.

3. Check the online reviews of the business offering a discount. Sites like Yelp, Kudzu and Angie’s List are known for having honest reviews. I include reviews in my sponsored posts like this one for TCB Removal Services because I want to ensure I’m referring moms to reputable businesses.

4. E-mail Groupon ([email protected]), Living Social or  deal site directly, not just the support or message tab on the site. This way you can track the date and time it was sent.

5. Twitter is another resource to consider for contacting companies. Both @Groupon and @GrouponAtlanta tweeted me (@MommyTalkShow) to offer help resolving my issue.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Groupon and Living Social.
I wanted to share my honest experience so you can decide for yourself how you’d like to use deal sites in the future.

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  1. I also find that tweeting or posting to the company’s Facebook account gets a faster response than emailing or using their “contact us” messaging. I have a couple of deal vouchers from another site and am a little nervous about redeeming them. Hopefully mine goes smoothly.

    I had an issue with Living Social last week. I bought a deal earlier this month for a deal in another city since we’d be traveling there for vacation. I found that we’d be unable to use them due to timing and called to see if I could just get my acct credited. The agent said no but she’d ask her manager. She came back on really quickly saying no again since it was past the 5 day refund time-frame but to feel free to use it anytime. I again told her I am visiting from out of town and have no way to redeem past that point. I then asked to speak to the manager and waited much longer. The agent came back on and said she’d credited my acct back. I would’ve been offended that the manager NEVER got on the phone to speak with me, had my acct not been credited.

    Lesson learned: Never buy deals for an out of town trip unless you’re willing to take a loss on it should something change your original plans.

  2. I’ve had similar experiences with sites like restaurant.com . I guess it’s a risk when you click “submit.”

  3. Thank you for these tips. I like Groupon, but you do have to read the fine print!

  4. I have tweeted to companies a few times when I had issues. They have taken care of it right away that way. Much faster than through the websites.

  5. I haven’t bought from groupon in forever! I should check it out again!

  6. I am awful about reading the fine print! Great tips! I don’t use these sites often, but I really should to save some money! Thanks!