5 Features Dads will like about the Sonicare Power Up Toothbrush

My husband has been admiring my electric toothbrush for a while. Honestly, my rechargeable toothbrush is by another brand and cost me about $100. So when I got the opportunity to review the Sonicare Power Up Toothbrush that retails for about $20, I thought it would be a great dental tool for him to test out.

5 Features Dads will like about the Philips Sonicare Power Up Toothbrush

Here are 5 Features Dads will like about the Sonicare Power Up Toothbrush:

1. Power/ strength. My husband noticed that even though it was a battery-powered toothbrush, it had adequate strength. In fact, “Power Up even removes 2X more plaque in hard to reach places than a manual brush can, improving gum health and reducing cavities.”

2. Toothbrush head size. It’s adequate enough to reach your back teeth.

3. Shuts off after two minutes, which lets you, know you’ve brushed long enough without wasting your battery. When the bristles fade, you’ll also notice that it’s time to replace the brush head.

4. The handle. Like most guys, my husband doesn’t like a flimsy toothbrush. He noticed how well the Sonicare Power Up felt sturdy in his hand.

5 Features Dads will like on the Sonic Care Power Up Toothbrush ~ MommyTalkShow.com5. Battery-included. We go through batteries like crazy around our household. So knowing the Power Up Toothbrush came with AA batteries included was a relief because it could be used out of the box.

Buy Sonicare Power Up

Find the Sonicare toothbrush in the dental aisle of your grocery or drug store. You can also purchase it online through Amazon.com and read other reviews. It retails for under $20, which is pretty affordable.


Comment below: Does your family use battery powered or electronic toothbrushes? Do you notice a difference in how they clean your teeth?

To learn more about the Power Up and get dental health news, like Philips Sonicare on Facebook and follow Sonicare on Twitter. Also visit Philips.com.

Would you like to know how the Sonicare Power Up sounds? Listen to the Mommy Talk Show Instagram video I shot:

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  1. We do use them. I’m quite the fan of sonicare…I get praise from my dentist at every appointment. They eve think I floss!

  2. oooooh. It’s cordless! Both of ours are corded, and while that’s nice, I hate cleaning around it – no clutter!

  3. My hubs uses them but I don’t they run out of battery to fast I like my old fashion stuff lol

  4. I don’t have this particular brand of electric tooth brush but I have used an electric tooth brush for years now and could never go back to a regular tooth brush. I think one of the best things about mine at least is it has a 3 minute timer so I always brush my teeth for 3 minutes, and they just seem cleaner. Next time I need to replace mine I will check this one out. Great review.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  5. Love the fact that they turn off after two minutes!

  6. Those are some great features! I’ve always loved SonicCare, they do such a great job at giving you that deep clean feeling.

  7. This looks like an awesome toothbrush option for only $20! This will make a nice stocking stuffer for my hubby! Thanks!

  8. We have Sonicare toothbrushes and love them. This looks like a great one. Love the fun colour!

  9. I’m with Kita– I’m old school but my husband loves them!

  10. I purchased 2 battery operated brushes several months ago. both different brands. We noticed right away the difference.

  11. This sounds like a great product. Gonna tell my husband abou t it. He loves affordable mechanical toothbrushes.