5 Convenient Ways Moms Can Use Card.com Prepaid Visa Debit Card

Card.com is a prepaid Visa debit card that “is safer than cash” according to its website. It promises to offer more than the average prepaid debit card because it’s FDIC insured and protected. You can also select an array of creative designs from Card.com. I chose the Paris image since it’s one of my favorite cities in the world. There are no fees to sign-up. The $5.95 monthly maintenance fee that can be avoided if you direct deposit $800 the 30 days before. Here are “5 Convenient Ways Moms Can Use Card.com Prepaid Visa Debit Card.”

5 Convenient Ways Moms Can Use Card.com Prepaid Visa Debit Card ~ MommyTalkShow.com

1. College kids – When I went away to graduate school, my parents sent me checks in the mail when I needed the money. But nowadays we can do everything online. Card.com would be convenient for moms to send money to their out of town college kids. Transfer money from your bank account, PayPal, or Western Union.

2. Nanny and babysitter expenses – I have a few friends who are nannies. Besides caring for our children when we’re away, expenses like gas, activities, dining out and last minute grocery shopping often come up. Moms can add money to a Card.com account for a nanny or babysitter to keep handy.

3. Moving out of town – As someone who once moved five times in seven years, I switched banks more times than I can count. You could close your bank account when you move and lose Card.com while you search for a new brick and mortar bank in your new town.

4. Travel expenses  – Keep your travel expenses under control by setting aside a specific amount and adding it to your prepaid Visa debit card.

5. “Fun money” account  – My discretionary income or fun money often ends up spent on household items or things for A.J. I have a hard time spending money on myself. But what if you could create a Card.com account for your “fun money” for massages, salon visits or shoe shopping?
5 Convenient Ways Moms Can Use Card.com Prepaid Visa Debit Card


Once you pick your favorite design and order via Card.com, it comes in the mail in less than two weeks. Call and and activate it before you use it at stores, for online shopping or at ATMs.

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary Card.com to review and share my honest opinion. 

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  1. That’s such a great idea about using it for babysitter’s. I just need to find myself a babysitter now!

  2. I am so thankful that my husband and I are pretty thrifty and do not have that much debt. This sounds like a great way to stay organizzed!

  3. I love the idea of using the card for travel money.

  4. All great tips and advise. This sounds like a great card to have.

  5. Never thought about it to pay for babysitters great idea….wish I had one though I would gladly do a debit card for them and just transfer the money to it. Who doesn’t need a fun money account either.

  6. Great information.
    As a dad of a 10 year old, these are tools I will soon need to teach and control my child’s spending.

  7. Great ideas. Rhis could really help meanaging my college kid’s expenses.

  8. That’s a great idea to use for nannies! Never thought about that! I don’t like carrying cash and I dislike keeping up with paper receipts even more…with a card I wouldn’t have to do either. Great post!

  9. This sounds great. It would definitely be helpful for the things you named and even regulating your children’s allowances so they don’t have to carry cash around.