[VIDEO] My 2020 Focus Word: Protect

Instead of sharing their New Year’s resolutions, you may have noticed more bloggers are sharing their focus words (or inspirational words) to motivate them throughout the whole year. I jumped into this focus word trend in 2018 and 2019. In fact, I kept the same word for both years. In case you missed it, my 2018-2019 Focus Word was: Worthy.

Even with Emmy awards and college degrees, there are plenty of times in my life when I don’t feel worthy. You may see the fun events my family gets to cover, my cute son and my handsome husband and think “She’s living her best life.” For those two years, I felt like I wasn’t and I didn’t always feel like I was worthy of anything better than I already had.

Looking back, I made an unconventional decision at the end of 2019 that exemplified by previous Focus Word: Worthy.

It also led me to my 2020 focus word: Protect.

My 2020 Focus Word: Protect

Protect may seem like a weird Focus Word when you’ve probably read or heard about other words including Hope, Motivation, Patience or anything you’d see as a title for a motivational book.

But for me, Protect is exactly what I did for myself and my family at the end of 2019 and will continue throughout 2020. I got invited to participate in something that on it’s most basic level is a fun activity. We’ve done it before. But this invitation was a little different and would have added stress leading up to it, during it and possibly after it. So even though the invitation was extended to me several times, I stuck to my original answer: No.

I declined the invitation to Protect myself, my sanity, my emotions, my finances and my overall well-being.

A noticed a few things happening as the event got closer that were stressful to the people who’d originally said yes to the invitation. They expressed that they regret not making the same decision I did to Protect myself.

I am making a new effort to listen to that my little voice inside, that emotional shift I feel before I make a decision where it either feels easy, breezy or it feels uncomfortable or it feels like I’m getting a tooth pulled with no pain killer.

My 2020 Focus Word: Protect

What does my 2020 Focus Word mean for what you’ll see here on Mommy Talk Show?

Going forward in 2020, I’m going to make sure more of my blog posts, Instagram posts, and tweets answers this question: “How does this protect me?” or “How does this protect you?’

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  1. This is actually a great word of the year, I can see why you chose it and I like that you explained what it means as well. I’m going to protect my peace of mind!

  2. Protecting your peace of mind is priceless! Great word and goal to have. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think the word protect is a powerful word for this year. You have to protect things to preserve it!