15 Minute Home Cleaning Dash with Windex®

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I have wonderful memories of going to see movies in the theaters with my parents when I lived at home. My Dad and I saw his favorite action films and war movies together. My Mom and I saw romantic comedies like My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I remember us laughing like crazy in the theater when the Dad used [eafl id=”36018″ name=”Windex Original Glass Cleaner” text=”Windex® Original Glass Cleaner”] to heal every family ailment.

No matter how many times I set alerts on my calendar, I’m always surprised when it reminds me that a family member is visiting in less than a week. It’s even more serious when my Mother visits us in Atlanta. It’s a priority for her to be here every March for our son’s birthday party which blows his mind with happiness.

Right before I went to pick my Mother up at the Atlanta airport I did a quick once over of the house and hit some key areas that would catch her attention. I’ll show you how Windex® brand products helped me complete a 15 Minute Home Cleaning Dash. You can use this guideline anytime you have a guest coming to visit on short notice or feel like freshening up your home. Set a timer if you feel like it will help you get things done faster.

15 Minute Home Cleaning

15 Minute Home Cleaning Dash with Windex®

Bathroom (Six Minutes) – Our son has horrible aim when he rinses and spits after brushing his teeth before bed and after breakfast. [eafl id=”36018″ name=”Windex Original Glass Cleaner” text=”Windex® Original Glass Cleaner”] is great for a streak-free shine on the bathroom mirror and medicine cabinet mirror.

I turned my attention to the sink fixtures, sprayed them with Windex® Original Glass Cleaner and put some elbow grease behind it to wipe them down.

We have shower curtains in both bathrooms, but [eafl id=”36018″ name=”Windex Original Glass Cleaner” text=”Windex® Original Glass Cleane”]r is perfect for glass shower doors as well.

Living Room (Five Minutes)

This is the perfect place to use the Windex® Original Glass Wipes on TV screens and monitors. They’re great for removing the smudges and fingerprints from the electronics your family uses most. Our son’s fingerprints and dust from the top of our TV were a breeze to remove.

Bedroom (Four minutes) – Our son loves to look out of his large bedroom window to see the weather. Too bad he leaves little fingerprints behind. You can see their silhouette right above my fingers. [eafl id=”36018″ name=”Windex Original Glass Cleaner” text=”Windex® Original Glass Cleaner”] helped me wipe them away in a breeze, along with some dust on the window ledge.

Did you beat the clock and have leftover time? Use Windex Original Glass C in the kitchen too. Wipe messes from your windows, sealed granite and marble counters, and fixtures.

Windex Cleaning Collage

Whew! I think I made a dent in my housework. Maybe my mom won’t notice the pile of unfolded clothes in the corner of the room. Thanks to a 15 Minute Home Cleaning Dash that took care of last minute messes, we can turn our attention to celebrating our son’s sixth birthday with his friends and classmates.

I found [eafl id=”36018″ name=”Windex Original Glass Cleaner” text=”Windex® Original Glass Cleaner”] in the cleaning supply aisle of my neighborhood Kroger store.

Comment below: What’s your go-to way to get home cleaning done quickly? Do you use a professional home cleaner or do-it-yourself?

Windex in Kroger

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I go through a lot of Windex in my house. There always seem to be little handprints on all my windows.

  2. We have used Windex for years in our household. We have several glass doors and its important to keep them streak free!

  3. I feel like I need a mini windex in my back pocket at all times in my home. Love the stuff. Use it daily!

  4. I love Windex. I do everything with even get spots out of the carpet here at the office :). My nickname here is “Windex Queen”. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Set a timer, turn on the music, grab the windex… sounds like my kind of cleaning!

  6. I really need to get the family room windows. I bet the window over the kitchen sink is pretty dirty too. I’ll have to try the wipes for our TV screens too.

  7. I am all about a quick fifteen minute tidy up and love how you divided your time. I always use Windex on multiple surfaces!

  8. I just bought Windex today to take on a road trip. I learned years ago that it makes all the difference in the world keeping the car windows clear and clean!

  9. I do the most cleaning in those few minutes before guests arrive. I hope you have a great time with your mother. You’ll be able to relax with a clean home.

  10. It’s so much easier and faster to clean your home when you’ve got one product that can attack multiple places in the home. Love Windex!

  11. Sounds like i should go to market now and buy this. Looks great!

  12. I feel like with so many fingers in my house I’m constantly cleaning my windows. Windex is my go to though, it’s seriously the best stuff for cleaning windows and anything with glass. Love it!

  13. I can’t wait to watch this movie! I loved the 1st one, I love Windex too, it is the best window cleaner!

  14. I love to crank the music and do a quick clean up every day. Windex is my go to cleaner.

  15. You made me laugh out loud when you talked about your son in the bathroom. I thought our house was the only one with poor aim and never could figure out how toothpaste would be spewed about. LOL Love how you broke down the minutes, doesn’t seem so bad now

  16. Thanks, this is more information that is great for future reference.
    It compliments an earlier article I found on Spring Clean Up – this is the short version!

  17. Yes, I love Windex! I use it in my entire home. I’ll have to stock up after reading this.

  18. Windex really can do wonders to your home, love that you shared this 15 minute home cleaning. When you put it at such a short time frame, it makes me actually want to clean 😉

  19. Yep, I do know the 15 minute clean up for a pre-visit. And how awesome that your mom comes every year for your son’s birthday!

  20. OK I totally need to get some of this – I am awful at leaving windows smeared after trying to clean them, this might just be what I have been looking for! x