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Wordless Wednesday: W-T-French Toast did #Beyonce do to get a post-baby body like this? #WW

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Just when I thought I couldn’t admire Beyonce (my best friend in my head) any more than I already do, she had to do something like this!

In this photo from her appearance at Jay Z’s 40/40 club after his benefit concert at Carnegie Hall, she looks like the L-B’s from her pregnancy with Blue Ivy just melted away.

Darn it! I didn’t look this good on my wedding day.

Guess I need to step up my work out and change my diet. A.J. is about to turn two so the weight I’m carrying around can’t be blamed on him. My post-baby weight dropped off pretty quickly thanks to breastfeeding, but working from home, snacking and no time for the gym has set me back.

Clearly, I’m in a bit of denial too since an author sent me a post-pregnancy weight loss book to review and I haven’t done it yet.

Do you have some weight loss advice for a work at home mom with a toddler who wakes at 6 a.m.? Please share below

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  1. People definitely lose baby weight differently. I gained 33 pounds with my daughter (and I truly tried to watch what I ate!) but it was gone within 6 weeks of giving birth. She looks fabulous!
    BusyWorkingMama recently posted..Slide Out Spice Rack DIY Project #WW

  2. Well you know what the “rumor” is don’t you? There has been speculation that she didn’t really have that baby. Many people are saying that she used a surrogate because she was having trouble getting pregnant and had so many miscarriages. Have you seen the video? http://youtu.be/TLxwg9WeQNE Hopefully, the link will show up in my comment. I personally don’t believe she was ever pregnant, I think she used a surrogate.
    Desiree recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Bird seed bagels?

  3. Hi! I must admit that Beyonce looks good, however, do not get it twisted! I am pretty sure that Beyonce had to workout during/after her pregnancy to get back in shape. Remember, she is Beyonce and her career depends on how she looks. I know as women, we often compare our bodies, careers, kids, and husbands (the list goes on….) to others, without realizing that each and everyone of us is unique! So yes I love and celebrate Beyonce’s achievements but I celebrate “Me” as well, cause can’t no one do “Me” like I can!! 🙂

    P.S. Love the last name Joyce, we may be related (LOL)!! 😉

  4. Dear Cousin Shonda,
    I agree. I’m sure she’s been wearing a tummy wrap and had her chef cooking special meals since the moment she came home from the hospital!

  5. @MommyReporter –
    I’ve seen that video and I just don’t believe it the hype. What I do believe is she may have fudged the details on her due date to through people off.

  6. @BystWorkingMama – I’ve given up on looking at the scale!

  7. Now I’m convinced she had a surrogate. But did you see Jessica Alba after her second? These stars are going from Labor and delivery to plastic surgery I’m sure of it!
    Meghan @JaMonkey recently posted..Huge Fan of UPS My Choice | A Bloggers Best Friend

  8. No fair! She got the boobs without the gut!!! She’s so beautiful, though…just naturally shines through her!
    Lindsay recently posted..Join the Linky Follower Party Hop!

  9. Girl, I’m holding steady at about 3 years to START dropping my baby weight. LOL Now that Nate has just had his 3rd birthday, I should be happy with myself again by late spring. LOL

  10. Yeah Bey looks great! I don’t even have any kids yet and I don’t look like that! I have to definitely step my workout up four or five notches like seriously!

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