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Wordless Wednesday: Up Close and Personal with A.J.


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Looking over the photos I’ve taken of A.J. this summer, I started to notice a trend. Whenever I turn on my camera, he decides to get up close and personal.

He attaches himself to my legs and is captivated by the clicking sound and the flash on my camera.

So here are a few photos of him in pretty much the same position, with a similar look on his face, sometimes shirtless, sometimes fully clothed. Twice with the same shirt, but on different days.



On a side note, if you’re wondering if it bothers me that A.J. looks so much like my husband…the answer is no. They’re so friggin similar it’s weird sometimes. They don’t just look alike. They snore alike too!

wordless wednesday, A.J. & Daddy, dad and son in the park

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  1. Cutie pies, both of them! Happy Wednesday!
    BusyWorkingMama recently posted..My Daughter is a Super Duper Ham! #WW

  2. Too cute! My little guy does that too! As soon as he hears the camera, he turns around and says “Cheese!” with the biggest forced smile you’ve ever seen! They’re so awesome at this age!
    Charma (@Surprised_Mama) recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Little Computer Expert

  3. Haha, how cute! They do look quite a bit alike 🙂 I remember meeting your family at the Disney Social last month. It’s really great that you have a kiddo that enjoys having his picture taken.
    Autumn recently posted..The Beauty Of Autumn

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