Wordless Wednesday: Look who’s got a forward-facing car seat! #WW

Typically, after a 20 minute car ride in his rear-facing car seat, A.J. would be pretty fussy. I guess it gets boring watching the world go by from the rear window. I thought A.J. would be more excited about his forward-facing car seat. He was just O.K. with it.

He’s 22 months old and I waited as long as I could to switch him to a forward-facing car seat after I read about the American Academy of Pediatrics new guidelines for children and car seats.

I took his old Graco Snug Ride 35 car seat to Toys R Us for the Great Trade-In Event and new Evenflo Maestro forward facing car seat that qualified for 30% off. The Evenflo had fair reviews and if I had purchased it from Amazon, would have been three times the price! I also liked how trading it in took the hassle out of trying to re-sell it on Craigslist.

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  1. The new guidelines are nuts in my opinion! Glad you hung in their for your peace of mind, though.

  2. Aww! We tried to keep Ava rear facing as long as possible but her legs were crammed. I know some people say it doesn’t hurt their legs, but she seemed very uncomfortable and would throw fits all the time. She is happy now. Her and her brother are both forward facing. We have a Graco Argos and a Britax something.

    • I hear you on their cramped legs. But A.J.’s pediatrician said it’s easier to fix a broken leg than a broken neck in case of a bad crash.
      I figure 22 1/2 months was as close to 24 months as we could get since we’ll be traveling a bit more.

  3. It was hard. But in the end, I know he’ll be safe this way!

  4. Big milestone! Whole new world. 🙂

  5. So cute!!! I remember when that happened with Kadin. It was actually better for because I was able to see him in my rearview mirror.

  6. I so love when they can face forward…and it’s awesome that he’s “reading” the manual for it.