Review of “Pick the Perfect Nanny Guide: How to Find a Nanny on Your Own”

Hiring a nanny placement service to find candidates, conduct background checks and help you through the nanny interview can cost anywhere from $600 to $4,000. Atlanta-area nanny placement specialist Natalie Akpele knows a lot of families can’t fit a figure like that into their budget, so she created a do-it-yourself guide on how to pick the perfect nanny, how to find a nanny on your own.

Find & hire a nanny yourself

Pick the Perfect Nanny: How to Find a Nanny on Your Own offers  step-by-step advice on where to find nanny candidates. You can download the $17.95 guide to your computer, iPad or e-reader and refer to it throughout your search. Print it out and take notes too. Akpele says, “If someone needed to hire a nanny in two weeks, they could do it. It’s definitely possible.”

Pick the Perfect Nanny: How to find a Nanny on Your Own explains some key components for hiring a nanny:

  • 14 interview questions you need to ask!
  • The best places to look for nannies.
  • Background and credit checks to make sure the nanny is trustworthy.
  • How to write an ad that attracts the ideal nanny candidate.
  • How to keep you and your nanny happy in the “relationship.”
  • Download of a sample contract with the nanny you choose to make sure you get what you need and your nanny feels valued.

Pick the Perfect Nanny Guide Guarantee

There’s also a 60 day money back guarantee for Pick the Perfect Nanny: How to Find a Nanny on Your Own if you’re not satisfied.

The guide’s author Natalie Akpele is an experienced nanny and newborn care specialist who appeared in the talk show webisodes sponsored by Green Mosaics eco-friendly lifestyle store in Decatur. In the video series, she shared her expertise on sleep training and using cloth diapers instead of disposables.

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