Wordless Wednesday: Laugh, so you don’t cry #Pinterest #WW {Linky}

Thanks for coming back for a week of posts dedicated to relieving stress for moms like recognizing you have mommy brain or need a mommy break.

For Wordless Wednesday, I thought about coming about with some great “Your Mama” jokes, then I thought I better leave the funny stuff to Pinterest. Check out the funny photos I found there and created a “Motherhood: Laugh, so you don’t cry” board. Since I’m well-known for complaining about my son’s early rising antics, here’s a fitting photo:


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  1. Hey, I know that baby! LOL

  2. Ain’t that the truth lol

  3. Awwww that is so cute. Totally true…but worth the sleepless nights!!

  4. haha, I’ve seen that on facebook and I laughed because it’s so true!!

  5. that is fantastic! I have seen that on facebook and I laughed so hard because it is so true!

  6. Totally made me giggle! I was pretty lucky when my kids were little but I still had my share of sleepless nights! Love the lighthearted look though!

  7. Lol that’s funny cuz it’s true!

  8. Now that is the truth!.. LOL