Wordless Wednesday: Help wanted! I’m hiring a babysitter #WW

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When the last babysitter I hired had car trouble on the way to our home, I missed an important networking event. I’d also like to make more money this year and that means more hours I may be away from home. So begins my journey towards hiring a babysitter.

With Atlanta traffic and the afternoon hours when I’d need the most help, I’m looking for someone who’s close by, who A.J. likes, has worked with children like him with numerous food allergies and preferably has studied early child development.

Here are the online resources I plan to use to hire a part-time babysitter:

Sittercity.com since I’m an affiliate and you’ll see ads on my site
SittersULove.com a new service in Georgia
Care.com since I’m also an affiliate. Several of my friends have used it and it’s a mom owned company with great commercials…


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  1. it took me a year to find a babysitter I trusted. I think I went through five 🙁

    Good luck!

  2. Oh, babysitters…good ones are like gold and very hard to find!

  3. i dont’ know how I feel about outside babysitters yet. We’ve never had to use one, in 16 years but as the blog is growing I find its hard to juggle caring for kids at home while also working. It’s something I’m going to have to look into soon I’m sure.

    • Melinda,
      I’m not a fan of strangers watching my child either. But with no family nearby I don’t have much of a choice. It will probably twice a week at the most.

  4. Good luck! I heard all of those services are great to use so you should definitely be able to find someone that both you and A.J. like soon! *crosses fingers for you*

  5. It’s so hard to find a sitter. So many times, we end up switching and the mom of friends comes and watches the kids while we go out, and then we switch another night. A free night out is awesome.

    • You’re right. It is hard. Thank goodness I have a friend I can trust who will help us on date nights.
      I’ve even tried to start interviewing babysitter candidates and I hardly have time to do that!