Wordless Wednesday: Best Blogging Advice Around #Pinterest #WW

In case you don’t know, Mommy Talk Show is more than a blog for me.
It’s my business. My other business is to create YouTube videos campaigns for growing businesses.
To keep myself and other business moms inspired, I keep a Pinterest Board I call the “Best Blogging Advice Around.”


uch of it comes from Jennifer James of Mom Bloggers Club & Mom Blog Magazine


But this newest pin came from a Tumblr page and is going to be my motto for 2013:


What do you think about working for free?

Are you a business mom who grapples with charging what you’re worth?

Setting and keeping your fees is one of the topics in my e-book, Use What You Know: A Business Idea Guide for Moms.

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  1. I do a lot of work for free. Mostly because I don’t mind and it’s lead to better things in the future anyway.

  2. I struggled with charging what I’m worth for a long time. The key for me is that as a mom and a businesswoman, I know that everything costs money. Clothes, food, toiletries… all of it. It’s sometimes easy to skip into the mode that if it’s easy to do, then you shouldn’t charge much for it. That’s bullstuff. It’s easy for you because it’s what you do and you’re talented. If they could do it as fast and as well, they wouldn’t be ask king for your help. Look at your successful competitors and price your services accordingly. You’ll be less stressed because you won’t be resenting being taken advantage of. Also, when bartering, make sure you really need and want what you’re getting and that it’s worth the trade.

    • You’ve helped me a lot with this because with the technical aspects of what we do, it would be impossible for our clients to do it on their own.
      The time it would take them to learn and master video…whoo!

  3. As a beginner Blogger I took what I could get, but learned quickly that this does take time! Have not found the niche on finding paid posts yet, but get products for review.

  4. As a beginner blogger, I took what I could get. Now I know how valuable we are and although I have not found the niche to find paid posts, I do get products for review..sorry if a repeat, not sure last comment published correctly.

  5. Usually what is NOT is when I am doing something purely for income sake; otherwise, if it is for a “cause” close to my heart, for a friend, or just something I truly like and don’t mind offering my services for free, then that’s when I do it for free. Especially the posts i do for “causes.” I do get a payment of knowing I did something to help others, even if it’s not monetary. Earning money is my overall goal for my site though, as it’s my job now, but sometimes I just have to pick and choose.

  6. I’m still having an issue seeing myself as a business but i’m getting there.

  7. I think when you start off you have to build a portfolio depending on what you are doing so that people can know what you have done and see examples. A lot of people will have the mindset if I can do it why pay for it. I have had several small businesses that have went under because most people have told me those exact words. Why would I pay you to design my party when I have pinterest, or why would I hire you to cook for me when I have several family members that can do it for free. It’s hard to charge those you know but if I don’t know you I will put a price on things but most of the time people search for the cheapest route to go these days.

  8. When it is for a cause I feel close to, or a close friend; or something I find is very relevant to me and my audiences and would be of big benefit; I don’t mind working for free (as long as I have the time and it doesn’t take away from me being a mom). But other than that; I am starting to get more strict of requiring payment. It could have a lot to do with getting 10 “guest post” requests a day from companies I”ve never heard of with mediocre articles. Mostly they just want to suck my PR juice for free and I’m not OK with that.

    Sometimes a company wants me to do a lot of work promoting them. I’m not ok working for free then either. It needs to be worth my time if I”m going to take some time away from my kids. It needs to bring in some monetary value that will help buy them school clothes and food. Necessities really.

  9. Like most ppl, I have worked long and hard all my life. I am an RN BSN, Specializing in Psychiatry, Masters, Biochemical Engineering, Certified Health Educator/Consultant, doctorate student of Natural Health, Entrepreneur, Owner of bakery (Sweet potato pies in the Walgreens chain for 7 yrs),. Owner of Home for the Elderly for ten yrs, Reasearcher , Univerisy of South Florida, Geriatrics/Dept of Elderly Affairs, and more. I love being active and learning. I have come to an age in my life now where I choose to work smart, not hard. Jean Paul Getty (December 15, 1892 – June 6, 1976) was an Anglo-American industrialist. He founded the Getty Oil Company and more, summed it up for ME, when he said, ““I’d rather have one percent of the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent of my own efforts.”. Mr. Getty also said,”There is only one way to make a great deal of money; and that is in a business of your own”. Realizing that money isn’t all inclusive, it is necessary to survive. I am able to help so many more people now in my home based business. As a result of reaching out to help other,s I am automatically rewarded Holistically. Thank you for allowing me to share.

  10. I think that you should always get something in exchange for your work. Even if it isn’t money, make sure you get a testimonial or referral. You may not charge a fee for all of your work as a newbie, but it should never be without compensation.

  11. I keep hearing this from bloggers that I follow so now I work out a bartering situation if money is not an option.

  12. I learned from running my law firm that people do not appreciate free work. I charge for my work because it is a valuable commodity.

  13. Yep. Best advice ever. It is a hard lesson that I am now learning.