Wordless Wednesday: A.J.’s Needs Eyeglasses to See Clearly

A.J.’s new eyeglasses

My 19 month old son A.J. is now the proud wearer of eyeglasses. If he hears you say the word “glasses,” he’ll immediately start touching the wire frames on his face. It’s quite a challenge keeping him and the eyeglasses clean. It’s been about two weeks since he started wearing them after his pediatric eye exam revealed his vision hadn’t improved.

I wrote about A.J.’s drooping eyelid, clogged tear duct and near-sightedness in on of my first Wordless Wednesday posts.

Yes, it’s hard to keep his eyeglasses on. We’ve already been to the optometrist three times for adjustments, repairs and to switch to lighter frames.

A.J. hugging the Chik Fil A Cow
A.J. hugging the Chik Fil A Cow

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  1. Aww, sweet little guy! Hopefully you all will find a good balance and he will be better keeping them on as he grows.

  2. Aleks,
    It’s a challenge. We need to invest in a spare pair of glasses too!

  3. He looks like he is doing good with them. I just love his hair!

  4. Keeping his glasses and all that hair clean is a challenge!

  5. I’ve always wondered how they can tell when babies have vision problems… AJ looks adorable in his little glasses!!!

  6. Thanks Desiree. He’s so self-conscious now. Whenever he meets people he says “Hi…glasses” and touches his frames. We’re going to have to buy a spare pair because we’ve been back to the optometrist twice for repairs & adjustments.

  7. My son also has a droopy eyelid. His eyelid didn’t open at all until he was almost 2 weeks old. We have to take him to a pediatric eyedoctor every 4 months to keep a check on his vision. So far, it’s been good, but eyeglasses may be needed for him in the future as well. Your little boy looks adorable in them, but I am sure it is a challenge to keep them on him and clean!

  8. Hi Kecia,
    Yes, it is a challenge. I didn’t realize how common vision problems were in babies and toddlers. My advice would be to keep up with your appointments. We should have patched A.J.’s stronger eye more often to strengthen the weaker eye. But it’s a huge challenge to keep a patch on AND glasses.