What are the symptoms of #mommy brain?

Between the sleep deprivation and new demands on your schedule, it’s no surprise if you have “mommy brain.”

Common symptoms of “mommy brain” are:

  • Forgetting WHY you walked into a room.
  • Telling your child they would get a punishment, then forgetting what the punishment is.
  • Driving around, then forgetting where you’re going and which child you need to pick up.
  • Waiting for a friend at a restaurant, wondering where they are then realizing YOU  are at the wrong restaurant. (That’s what I did just last month!)
Don’t beat yourself up about it. As LearningRx Atlanta-Buckhead Director Bryson May explained in the video webisode, moms can see improvement in their memory thanks to brain training too.

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Special thanks to audience members Kyle Young (@Multitasking) and Samantha Gregory (@RichSingleMomma) for sharing their experiences as a mom.

On the flip side, some people like author Katherine Ellison believe that motherhood makes our brains stronger. Ellison wrote about it in her book The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood Makes Us Smarter.

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