Best and worst breastfeeding advice

One of the first things I did after A.J. was born, was breastfeed him. I knew I wanted to breastfeed him exclusively for six months (check!) and continue breastfeeding for 12 months (done!). Here we are 19 months later and we are just now ending our breastfeeding experience. Along the way I experienced sore and bleeding nipples, exhaustion from overnight feedings and changes to my diet due to his allergies. I couldn’t drink milk, eat cheese or any nuts for more than a year. So I decided to ask the Atlanta Mommy Talk Show guests about their best and worst breastfeeding advice.

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Best Breastfeeding Advice

  • Some moms don’t buy formula before their give birth because they fear it will be an easy go-to if issues arise.  Decide for yourself if you’d like to supplement with formula.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if breastfeeding is a challenge for you. It’s a challenge for most moms. Working moms have a whole other set of challenges like pumping at work or in public restrooms. In February 2016 privacy pods for breastfeeding were installed at the the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport.
  • Surround yourself by supportive moms and support other breastfeeding moms. Tweet or Share this post with a breastfeeding mom who is struggling or needs an encouraging message.
  • Breastfeed on-demand. Use a wrap, sling or carrier to keep your child close.
  • Invest in a good breastfeeding tank top. Think of it as looking fashionable while feeding your baby.
  • What’s your advice? Comment below!

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