The Worst Date Ever! #VlogMom

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This week’s #VlogMom topic comes from Michelle at Honest & Truly and she wants us to share the story of “The Worst Date Ever!”

Girls, I’ve been on some dates that were doozies! See why  my dates’ restaurants selections were so horrible and comment below if you agree with what I said in the video!

Check out the other VlogMoms who share their dating horror stories:

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  1. Wow career chicken, that is not someone who has evolved yet mental in my opinion. You have to go through all the wrong dates so when the real one comes along you will know.

  2. Ugh, my worst date was a guy I met on the internet {in a public place!!}. He was not the same guy that he had sent me a pic of, lol!


  3. Girl, you ain’t alone when it comes to bad dates!!! LOL I have had my share as well… I gotta do this week’s VlogMom topic because I just have to share my horror story!!! Stay tuned…

  4. Wow I can’t remember what my worst date ever was, I’ll have to think about this one!

  5. Career chicken is priceless! I absolutely love it. I wonder if that line every works on anyone. And if so, who IS that person?

  6. LOL! “Date-worthy meals!” love that!

  7. not sure these are “family friendly”, but you asked!

    bad date 1 (and these are all FIRST & LAST)
    Dude spends the entire evening discussing his testicular cancer he suffered while in high school. Says it would have been caught sooner but his parents showed him pictures of mangled genitalia and said that was what happened when you thought about girls. So he didn’t say anything until it was almost too late. Then he invites me to see how real his silicone replacements feel.

    bad date 2
    Met the dude while I was temping and he was one of the “big honchos”. Invites me out to Veni Vidi Vici, orders the best wine, appetizers, desserts, etc. Then, when the bill arrives, proceeds to calculate what my portion is.

    bad date 3
    Starts off well with flowers adn dinner. Goes south really fast when he presents me with a gift wrapped toothbrush. That I’ll need the next morning at his place.

    bad date 4
    Dude picks me up in a Ferrari, takes me to Capital Grille and Houston’s and spends the evening telling me I have so much “potential”, bud it’s a shame I don’t go to the right hairdresser or spend enough time in the gym.

  8. Haha, I was stumped about ‘career chicken’ too! Now, while I agree with the Boston Market experience not being first date-worthy, if he was treating you to a movie or something else fun that eve, I’d maybe let him get a pass 🙂

  9. My worst date story is a boy I dated before I met my husband and he bought a hoagie to my house and ate lunch, but did not offer me any. When we got downtown for the movie he said he saw it already and cancelled the movie plan. I had to go home on my own when we went ot the arcade and he did not want to treat me to an arcade game. I never want to be 18 and dating again!

  10. Oh, no “Career Chicken” Never heard such mess before. I liked up to a post I wrote about my worst date ever.

  11. HILARIOUS!!!!! He had to be joking. lol at “Another bad date also related to chicken.” Yeah, Boston Market isn’t a great first impression. Fridays? Applebees? Not too much more money.

  12. Janeane!! Your story broke my heart. I felt like I was there reading it.

  13. You, my Sisters are brave and I love you. I would not dare because I do not wnat to have any flashbacks LOL LOL Thanks for your bravery.

  14. OMG I am CRACKING up at “career chicken”!!! Seriously though?! Wow…LOL I don’t really have any horror dating stories simply cause my husband and I have been together since we were 18 & 19 (almost 14 years). Thanks for the laughs though! 😉

  15. Hahahaha this was hilarious! I watched it on You Tube and just had to come and watch it again on here. Career Chicken…