Watch: Empowered Moms of Special Needs Children 2/20 at 9 p.m. EST

I’m interviewing three amazing moms of special needs children as guests on the show Wednesday, February 20th live 9 p.m. EST. This was inspired by the response from moms who read my blog post the CNN story for Caroline’s Cart.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to watch the live webcast “Empowered Moms of Special Needs Children.”


  1. Julia Roberts of Kidneys and Eyes (@juliaroberts1) is a mother of two children who’ve had kidney transplants,  writer and support of special needs families.
  2. Janelle McLeod of World of Little Fashion (@woflilfashion), a mother of two and entrepreneur with a fashion line for little people.
  3. Drew Ann Long of Caroline’s Cart (@carolinescart), a mother of three who created a special needs shopping cart inspired by her daughter with multiple disabilities.

How can you get involved?

  1. Share this link with moms of special needs children so they can watch the show Wednesday.
  2. Join in the conversation live via webcam Wednesday by, signing up for the Spreecast event.
  3. RSVP on Facebook for the 2/20 event so you can stay up-to-date in case we have any technical issues.
  4. Tweet “Watch @MommyTalkShow Empowered Moms of Special Needs Children 2/20 at 9P EST #SpecialNeedsMoms”

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Do you know any moms of special needs children?

What would you like to know from these guests?


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  1. I follow several “special needs” mommy bloggers. They are some of my favorite blogs to read. I will have to remember to tune in Wednesday!

  2. Thanks for the info! Looks like it will be an interesting discussion.

  3. What a great idea! I am a special needs mom too and will try hard to join your show. I thank you for this show.

  4. Kudos to these moms — sounds like it will be a great and informative show!

  5. I do know some moms of special needs children, and they are some of the strongest women I know! This is a wonderful opportunity for them to be heard. Thank you for hosting this, Joyce!

  6. Thanks for sharing! My son is autistic, and it’s always really inspiring to be able to connect with other moms who face challenges in their children’s lives.

  7. What a fun, and great way to connect moms!

  8. This is a great event! I worked as a Special Needs Paraprofessional at an elementary school, and it was so rewarding, such great, bright children! We need to support these programs!

  9. This is awesome. I know a lot of SN Moms. I am going to send this over to them.

  10. Hi I found you from the Blogging Planner blog hop. I am the mom of 3 boys and my oldest has autism. We have used biomedical interventions to almost fully recover him. I would love to see you do a piece on that.

  11. I am so mad that I missed this. Hope it went well.

  12. I missed the live broadcast but am so glad a link to watch is available!

  13. I missed the broadcast but will catch up with t he link.