Video: Does Comedian Kevin Hart Choose a Real or Fake Christmas Tree?

I’ve had the same fake Christmas tree since 1995, when I moved to Missouri for graduate school. It’s barely four feet tall, easy to decorate and goes easily into its box. But fresh trees have a great scent and you can pick a different one each year.

Do you like a real or fake Christmas tree?

This video reveals what comedian Kevin Hart chooses this Christmas:

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  1. Like Kevin, I like the the ease of a “fake” tree but have thought about getting a real tree over the past few years. I love the way they look and smell but getting one home and taking the extra steps to care for it are what have kept me from doing it.

  2. Hilalrious! I love him as Chocolate Drop. Also, I’m a fake tree gal!

  3. He is hilarious lol. I want to do a real tree I heard it makes the house smell good. I have never had a real one always did a fake tree it seems much easier

  4. We always buy a real tree. I grew up with a fake tree, but when my husband and I got married, he introduced me to the real thing and now I am hooked! The fragrance is so wonderful – although I will admit the needles can be tricky to clean up. It’s so cool that you have the same tree and get to share in your traditions with your little guy 🙂

  5. I like artificial trees because I can keep it up for a full month without having to deal with watering it or getting stuck with sharp needles!

  6. lol! That was pretty funny. I’m a real tree lover, but not having the mess is pretty nice too. As it stands, we’re keeping our fake tree, at least for this year.

  7. We always do both! Fake tree comes out right after Thanksgiving and is loaded with shatterproof ornaments the kids can decorate and un-decorate with all season long. Then about 2 weeks before Christmas we go pick out a small real tree for our living room.

  8. I love him so much! We do fake all the time!

  9. I’ve done fake and I’ve done real. I prefer the convenience of fake. 🙂 I love Kevin Hart!

  10. Funny! It depends on my mood. Fake doesn’t require any maintenance but real ones are so pretty and make your house smell so good.

  11. LOL! His rant sounded exactly like one I just had when my husband begged me to replace our fake tree this year. Like you, I’ve had mine for years and it looked absolutely HUGE in my two-bedroom apartment when I first bought it. These days, it looks a little slim in our house, but I’m still attached. Love the convenience and mess-free benefits of a fake tree. You bet my house is full of pine-scented candles at the holidays, though! 🙂 Happy holidays!

  12. What a tough choice. The hippie in me keeps thinking of all the poor trees that spent 10-20 years growing just for a few days of enjoyment, plus all the waste afterwards. But, the hippie in me is also concerned about the lead and chemicals in our fake tree,

    But…we already have a fake tree and i simply cannot have Christmas without a tree so that fake thing is up in all of it’s 6 1/2 ft glory! It’s been up since Thanksgiving. Oh, and I really don’t want a real tree scratching up my car. 🙂

  13. Growing up I had either a real or fake tree but my husband grew up with only real trees. So far we’ve always done a real tree every year with our boys but the fake trees always look enticing that I’m tempted each year.

  14. I would love to get a real tree each year, but they are way too messy and shed too much for the clean freak in me to enjoy. So we do a fake tree each year. I do miss the smell of a real tree, though.

  15. I love the smell of a real tree, but my toddler and cats force us to have a fake tree. One day I will get a real one again!

  16. Ha ha ha!!! I have always found Kevin Hart hilarious.