(VIDEO) Today Show: FDA Warns Mothers about Buying Breast Milk Online

As a breastfeeding mom who’s seen the health benefits for our son, I can understand why a mom who can’t produce enough breast milk of her own would still want it for their child. However, I couldn’t imagine selling my breast milk to anyone or buying breast milk online. Watch the video below to hear from a mom who bought breast milk online, then decided to stop after FDA warnings to moms.

Buying Breast Milk

Here’s a Today Show report from October 2013 showing how dangerous buying breast milk online can be after laboratory tests revealed 75% of it was contaminated with health risks like salmonella and e-coli. Yuck! (Share this with a friend who may be considering buying breast milk online.)

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Experts recommend safer breast milk banks that offer screenings of donors and run tests on donated breast milk. You can find a breast milk bank near you at the National Human Milk Banking Association of North America, OnlyTheBreast.com and Milk Share.

Today Show: (VIDEO) Today Show: FDA Warns Mothers about Buying Breast Milk Online ~ MommyTalkShow.com
Credit: Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Watch this video webisode with best and worst breastfeeding advice the Atlanta Mommy Talk Show guests received.

Comment below: Would you buy breast milk online? In a pinch, would you allow a friend or relative to breastfeed your child?

Buying donated breast milk would not be an option for me since I found out A.J. also has food allergies. I changed my diet, eliminating milk and nuts for more than a year, so that the allergens in my milk wouldn’t make him sick. As he’s gotten older, we’ve still been challenged with keeping A.J. safe from his food allergies and using Mabel’s Labels allergy alert for his cups or bowls when he’s in someone else’s care.

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