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If I could change one thing about my pregnancy experience, I would have tried to meet more moms while I was pregnant and get a support group in place. When I moved to Atlanta in May 2009, I was a newlywed in a new city. By July, we found out we were pregnant. I slept most of my first trimester and really didn’t get out and socialize. Since I wasn’t working, I also didn’t get the chance to meet many new people. But if you’re in a new city or among the first of your friends to get pregnant, you and your little one need to find a supportive group of moms and babies.

Here are some really important links to meet moms wherever you are and here in Atlanta:
Mocha Moms
Piedmont Hospital Classes

I’ve been a member of several Meetup groups for mom in my area/county in Atlanta. They’re usually based on the age of the children too, so playing together is more conducive.

Comment below: How have you found your own support group? Are you a member of a neighborhood play group?

(VIDEO) How to find a supportive group of moms ~ MommyTalkShow.com

I’ve been fortunate that as an Atlanta mom blogger I’m invited to events that A.J. and I can attend together. We’ve taken trips to Disney Social Media Moms in Orlando and recently took a tour of Emory Point shopping district. I had the pleasure of taking the tour with the Georgia Social Media Moms.

Video: Emory Point Bloggers Tour ~ MommyTalkShow.com

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  1. Great post! I agree with you. Finding women who are going through the same experiences while pregnant is extremely helpful. I found that through a MeetUp group called Pregnant in Atlanta, which was started by a good friend who was new to Atlanta. It was a great source of support and it also felt like a safe place to be open about what we all felt (mood swings, etc.) and how are bodies were changing. We also talked a lot about our concerns and expectations. We asked questions and learned a lot from those who were ahead in their pregnancies. Even after having given birth several months ago, the women I met through this group are some of my closest friends and we often get together so our babies can play. We have all built a strong bond. I hope many more moms find a group that can give them support and make them feel understood. I hope your post and your blog help a lot of women in this great journey of motherhood.

  2. Thanks so much Cathy. I’ve already learned things from you and we just met! I appreciate you supporting MommyTalkShow.com.

  3. Awesome video! You did a really thorough job at explaing that! I’m glad to have met you on Meetup!