Three Tips for Traveling with a Nanny

Experienced nanny and newborn care specialist Natalie Akpele of  contributed this story for advice on traveling with a nanny.

In Atlanta, Spring Break just wrapped up and you may be thinking about summer vacations. Have you considered asking your nanny to travel with you? If you’re lucky enough to have travel worked into your contract with your nanny, then you’re ahead of the game.

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For those families who don’t, here are a few essentials to know. These tips will help keep everything running smoothly if you’re traveling with a nanny.

Hotel, Airfare, and Food

Any great vacation is going to require some airfare and a hotel or house rental of some sort. It’s the parents’ responsibility to make sure that the nanny’s accommodations, including food, are covered.

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Scheduling and Off Time 

A week long vacation can be a lot for anyone. Schedule off time for your nanny. Decide if she will keep the same shift as she does when she is at home with you or will she have extended hours? Be mindful of her off time as you don’t want to burn her out. Whatever schedule you work out with her, stick to it.

Consider giving your nanny a day to sight see on her own, especially if you’ll need her services when the adults want a night out.

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Typically nannies receive an extra stipend, above their regular salary, for traveling with their families. This is to compensate her for being away from her own family and to cover other obligations she may have by being away from home.

Traveling with a nanny can be a major help to your family and help you truly enjoy your vacation. When you’re traveling with children, when isn’t an extra pair of hands helpful?

Have you considered taking your nanny on vacation with you? How do you envision it will work out?

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  1. I wish I could afford a nanny. 🙂 Great tips though!
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  2. I am not a nanny and don’t have one, but I love the advice about scheduling some time off. I think people need to remember even if they spend most of their time with you (or are a live in nanny) that they have lives too!
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  3. What a great list of helpful suggestions and important things to remember that could overlooked! I’ve never traveled with a nanny, but hey.. maybe some day!
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  4. I’ve considered taking a nanny on trips (for work) so that I could take my kids with me. It would be great to have someone along to help, especially when my husband can’t come.
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  5. I wish I had a nanny to take on vacation with me. It would have really helped when we went to Disney.
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  6. Great tips!!!
    Katherine G recently posted..I’m All In

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