3 Stages of Relief After The Moxie Maids Cleaned Our House + Discount Code

Spring is always a hectic time for our family. A.J.’s birthday is in mid-March, my Mother comes to visit for a week and I feel overwhelmed as we near Spring Break. We reviewed The Moxie Maids for a complimentary basic home cleaning in exchange for an honest review. It set us on a wonderful path for worry-free Spring Cleaning, maintaining the house and feeling a general sense of relief for our Spring Break Staycation.

3 Stages of Relief After The Moxie Maids Cleaned Our House + Discount Code


Here are the three stages of relief we felt thanks to The Moxie Maids +a special discount you can enjoy and share to clean your home!


3 Stages of Relief After The Moxie Maids Cleaned Our House + Discount Code

1. “Mama, it smells good in here.”

That was A.J.’s response when we walked in the front door of our home.

We were gone all day when The Moxie Maids crew arrived. I left my husband to give the cleaning crew the walk through of the house, areas to focus on and what to skip since I hadn’t gotten a chance to declutter my office.

Our house didn’t smell bad before. But it definitely hadn’t smelled this good before we left.

It wasn’t a chemical smell. It was fresh. It was the smell of Spring with absolutely no effort by me!

3 Stages of Relief After The Moxie Maids Cleaned Our House + Discount Code

2. “I can see the floor!”

Moms, I saw a clean, decluttered living room floor for the first time IN MONTHS thanks to The Moxie Maids.

I’m not saying we live like a bunch of wild animals. But our living room is also play room and dining room combination. So everything blends in together: toys, books, school supplies, games and dining accessories.

I’d tried to “make a path” for the cleaning crew, but a last-minute appointment cut that short. Cut yourself some slack. Don’t ever stress about cleaning before a professional cleaning. The Moxie Maids crew cleared the clutter and organized the madness of our living room. They placed toys in bins, stacked books and made our living room live-able.

3 Stages of Relief After The Moxie Maids Cleaned Our House + Discount Code

3. “I didn’t know we lost that.”

A.J. and I almost said this simultaneously when we walked into his bedroom. Yes, I’d asked him to straighten up before the cleaning crew arrived. But an 8-year-old’s interpretation of “clean your room” leaves a lot to be desired.

The Moxie Maids crew found nooks and crannies of dust and eliminated them, moved his dresser, located lost items we hadn’t seen since we moved in, then made his room look like it was almost ready for a magazine shoot.

It was a Big Boy Room again!

Comment below: Would getting a professional home cleaning help alleviate your stress? Do you have visitors or guests coming soon? How stressful is it when you need to clean the whole house before they arrive?

3 Stages of Relief After The Moxie Maids Cleaned Our House + Discount Code

10% Discount Code from The Moxie Maids for one time cleaning

Book your Atlanta-area home cleaning online at The Moxie Maids website 24/7.

Select the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and home specifics to set up a one-time or regularly scheduled cleanings.

Customize your cleaning to include the inside cabinets, the fridge, garage, oven, doing loads of laundry and even steamed carpets.

You can also select green cleaning products, as well as let The Moxie Maids team know if you will be home, leave a key or grant security access with a code.

3 Stages of Relief After The Moxie Maids Cleaned Our House + Discount CodeAlthough you’re welcome to use the convenient online booking, you’re also welcome to call (470) 481-0707 or email The Moxie Maids.

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3 Stages of Relief After The Moxie Maids Cleaned Our House + Discount Code

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  1. These comments are too cute. I could definitely see myself saying some of those things. I used to get my home cleaned once a month and it lived a big weight off my shoulders. It’s amazing what things you realize you miss when someone else comes in and cleans for you.

  2. Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been wanting to get a professional cleaning service. The smell of cleaning products makes me nauseous and the physical activity of cleaning just isn’t what is used to be pre-bump.

  3. I’ve used a cleaning service several times. I usually go to Groupon or Living Social for a deal. I do it because they will do the deep cleaning that I don’t have time for. I do the surface cleaning but that is not enough all the time. They dust in areas I had long forgotten about. Yes, the smell at the end makes it all worth it.

  4. I’ve been thinking about hiring a maid and just today, my mom told me my sister had one come over. I need one. Thank you for introducing me to Moxie Maids.

  5. See now I could use something like this. I don’t have a messy house but it would be nice to have someone just come in a dust, vacuum, mop, and make my house smell nice too.

  6. This sounds like such a relief. A few of my coworkers have housekeepers who clean their homes on a regular basis. This is a luxury that I need to invest in.

  7. Yesssss! Yes! Yess! I need to call hem for my house too. I can definitely use a hand. Lol.