Take a look inside my junk drawer #VlogMom

This week’s #VlogMom topic comes from Megan Crume from Sweet Sadie Marie:

Share 3 items from your junk drawer or car console.

Check out the video to see what’s inside one of my three junk drawers.


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  1. I love that you admit to having more than one junk drawer. 😉
    Amazing what we save isn’t it? I use a binder for all my manuals-makes it easy to find them without cluttering. 😉
    So now you need to share that recipe online!!

  2. Your top is so adorable. It really looks great on you.

    Also, now I really want that recipe. I love anything with apples in it. Yum!

    • Alissa,
      Thanks. It’s actually one of my favorite dresses and I wore it for this #vlogmom and a product review.
      I’ll find the recipe and send it to you!

  3. Holding on to manuals is such a good idea! I keep mine in a accordion folder in my office, but it’s so funny to go back and find manuals for things I don’t own anymore.

  4. Girl, I couldn’t even think about showing what’s in my junk drawer. There’s two of them and they are a mess! Shambles I tell you. LOL. I keep saying I need to clean it out.

  5. I give you props for showing what’s in your junk drawer. I have two of them and they are in shambles. I keep saying that I am going to clean them out bu alas, I never do.