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In general, I’m not a sweaty person. But every once in awhile when I get nervous my armpits start dripping. There have been a few things going on behind the scenes of MommyTalkShow.com that have had me nervously, excited too. Can’t wait to tell you about it! Stress-sweat and I have had a few interesting meetings in the last few weeks. So I was game to review Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel, share my experience with you and give you the chance to try your own with a $25 Walmart gift card.Moms, Don't Sweat It with Secret Clinical Strength + $25 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway ~ MommyTalkShow.com

Fun facts: Did you know that stress sweat is smellier than sweat from physical activity? Stress sweat comes from different glands that increase bacteria and odor. Maybe you’re like me and making some professional moves that stress you out. Maybe you’re planning to get back in the gym for the summer and need better protection. I recommend Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel and I loved the Completely Clean scent! Other reasons to but

  • No white marks on your skin or clothes.
  • You saw on the Instagram video that it goes on smoothly and dries fast.
  • For sensitive underarm skin, it contains conditioner to smooth skin.

I used the Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel for the first time last weekend when my husband and I had a date night. (Sorry, no photos. We were just happy to be out at night!) I wore a long black dress and had no white marks on it when I took it off.  If you don’t believe me, check out the Instagram video I created showing you how clearly it goes on.

Secret Clinical Strength


Visit  www.nostresssweat.com to learn more about how Secret Clinical Strength works, buy it online (www.Walmart.com)  or in-store at Walmart.

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Enter to win a $25 Walmart gift card to try your own Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant by May 9, 2014. You must be 18+ and live in the U.S. Good luck!
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  1. What stresses me is to have the kids at home all day and not knowing what to do with them makes me sweat.

  2. Meeting deadlines and pressure at work!

  3. my kids all day !!

  4. Having my kids all day

  5. dealing with life makes me sweat; but having to meet new people would stress me.

  6. being stuck in traffic stresses me out

  7. Running late to an appointment stresses me out.

  8. being a mom stresses me out

  9. Public speaking stresses me out .

  10. Being late to places stresses me out.

  11. I get stressed out at doctor’s appointments.

  12. Oh for me its grocery shopping and trying to use my coupons!

  13. End of the year stuff–school related! So much to do and it just seems to creep right up on me!

  14. All the end of the year school stuff!

  15. Not being abke to spend as much time with my kids as I would like to. Being a waitress the summer season is our busiest time.

  16. Drama and pressure at work stresses me out

  17. public speaking makes me sweat.

  18. Being a referee for roller derby sometimes stresses me out and makes me sweat. Thanks.

  19. Work stresses me out. I work in a fast paced environment!

  20. Sometimes I get stressed out at work.

  21. anything that is last minute, or public speaking, going to the gym, dancing

  22. I get stressed in confrontational situations. They don’t happen often, but when they do, I definitely sweat!

  23. The thing that stresses me out most is worrying about bills! ugh!

  24. Melissa Douglass

    Living 800 miles away from all of my family and friends!

  25. christina moore

    What stresses me is I can’ t seem to catch up on house work

  26. Meeting new people or speaking in front of a group makes me break out in a sweat.

  27. I get stressed out when I am in large crowds, especially with people I don’t know.

  28. Debbie Ritenour

    Dealing with bills and money stress will break me out in a sweat!

  29. savanah bourgeois

    Money stresses me out. I wish things weren’t so darn expensive.. I just don’t know how people survive with one job. =(

  30. A lot of things stress me out even though most shouldn’t. I’m a major worry wart. Heat, humidity, finances/bills, not losing weight fast enough and even my kids all stress me out. There’s plenty more but all those come to mind first.

  31. Money issues always stress me out. We are doing well, but I always worry about emergencies, college, weddings, retirement, etc. – and cleaning for company always stresses me out 🙂

  32. My 3 young children and housework.

  33. talking in public

  34. Stephanie Shipley

    Chasing after my son breaks me out in a sweat! He is a very active little guy 🙂

  35. Heather Hayes Panjon

    Yard Work In The Summer Stresses Me Out And Makes Me Sweat!

  36. Going on interviews

  37. Meeting new people really stresses me out, I am very introvert.

  38. Life itself stresses me out nowadays, just trying to make ends meet. going to meetings or even the doctor.

  39. Different things stress me out. Public speaking, being in a crowd.

  40. Not having enough time in the day! With working part time and helping to take care of an elderly parent is very hard.

  41. Moving! Every year, every summer – it’s brutal! Sadly we always pick an apartment on the top floor so we’re usually carrying our whole apartment up/down 3+ flights of stairs. We’re in the process of moving now, too. We tried to move a bit earlier this year so we didn’t die to the heat – but the heat snuck up on us!

  42. planning family get togethers stresses me out

  43. Amanda Sakovitz

    Well working out makes me sweat and guys stress me out.

  44. Get stuck in bad traffic stresses me out.

  45. Margaret Maggie Porter

    deadlines at work or over commitments stress me out

  46. My 3 boys!