Review and Giveaway: Cosmoesque Natural Bath and Beauty Products

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One of my promises to myself in the New Year is to take better care of my skin. I don’t use as much moisturizer as I should and my skin is quite dry. So I was interested to try Cosmoesque Natural Bath and Beauty Products, especially since it features hand-made soaps and exfoliators.

About Cosmoesque

No harsh chemicals, or detergents – and as always, absolutely no animal testing.

We make our products in small batches – this means no old stock .

4 Things I Liked About Cosmoesque

  • Clear packaging. You see what you’re getting and can decide what to use. Also the ingredients are clearly listed on each bar of soap and gel.cosmoesque gift basket
  • Light fragrance. Nothing bothers me more than when someone’s cologne or perfume is overpowering. When I used the Tell Me Secrets bath gel, the fragrance stayed around all day.

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  • Effective exfoliators. I tried the Neem Super Scrub Bath Bar. It’s an exfoliating soap and it really invigorated my skin without scratching or hurting. The scrubbing bumps felt great on my skin, although they wore down pretty quickly after a few baths.

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  • The Price. You’d expect all-natural, paraben-free, hand made soaps and bath products to be pretty expensive. But I was pretty surprised Cosmoesque soaps and bath gels start $5.99. Order more than 1 for a promotional discount. Get free shipping in the continental U.S. for orders $50 or more.

Win a Cosmoesque Natural Bath & Beauty Gift Basket

Follow all the entries before January 17th. Good luck!
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Disclosure: I received complimentary products to create a honest review.

No other compensation was received.  

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  1. My living healthy goal for 2013 is to lose 60lbs and keep it off, as well as do at least 30 minutes cardio exercise daily

  2. I plan to take better care of my skin by stop using such harsh soaps and keep my skin moisturized

  3. I typically pride myself on taking good care of my skin but I can always improve. I will be sure to moisturize twice a day during the winter months though.

  4. It’s a cliche goal, but in 2012 I got away from drinking more water. 2013 is the year to get hydrated!

  5. eat healthier..lots of veggies and fruits!

  6. I plan to eat less fried foods in 2012 we’ll see how long this lasts

  7. i plan to drink more water for my skin and use more sunscreen and hats

  8. My healthy goal for the year is to stop drinking soft drinks and greasy foods.

  9. My healthy goal is to stop drinking soft drinks and eating a lot of junk foods.

  10. I plan to start a skin care regimen daily and nightly.

  11. My living healthy goal is to work out regularly and lose 20 pounds! As for my skin I really want to focus on drinking more water.

  12. My healthy living goal for 2013 is to cut out sodas and teas and start drinking more water!.

  13. I plan to exfoliate more and use lots of moisturizer and sunscreen!

  14. My healthy living goal is to take better care of my skin, especially moisturize it more!

  15. My healthy living goal is to take better care of my skin, especially moisturizing more often!

  16. i plan to moisturize before allowing my skin to get too dry

  17. To eat more salad!!

  18. I also plan on drinking more water and perhaps start using anti-wrinkle cream. It’s never too early, right?

  19. i plan to take better care of my skin by moisturizing a lot!

  20. i plan to moisturize alot to take better care of my skin.

  21. my healthy living goal for this year is to cut back on sugary foods.

  22. my healthy living goal is to cut back on sugary foods.

  23. Our healthy living goal is to eat out less and to pay more attention to our cholesterol intake.

  24. My resolution is to eat more chocolate- and it makes me happy, so I am healthier! ha!

  25. I am drinking more water for my skin!

  26. To only eat meat 1x a day and eat more fruits and veggies.

  27. Kristina Gjertsen

    My skin care goal for 2013 is to always go to bed with a clean face and moisturize!

  28. Kristina Gjertsen

    My healthy living goal is to stop eating so much junk food and to stop smoking!

  29. Kristina Gjertsen

    accidentally put the Wrong twitter name 🙂

  30. add veggie purees to my cooking to add extra nutrients

  31. I am trying to add more organic food, and green products for my family.

  32. I am trying to drink more water-for overall health reasons. I am really noticing the most improvement with my skin! So I intend to keep it up!

  33. My goal for the year is to exercise more and eat healthier!

  34. This year, I’ll try to use lotion more often! My skin is always super dry!

  35. Eat less chocolate

  36. My healthy goal is to drink more water.

  37. My beauty goal is to wear sunscreen every day.

  38. To strive to eat more raw foods

  39. I plan to take better care of my skin by using more natural skincare products and by reading the ingredient list before I buy the product! (HUGE thing I need to work on–NO parabens)

  40. With lots of natural remedies lol

  41. My healthy living goal is to exercise regularly

  42. I am going to try to moisturize daily. I am a slacker and don’t think about it until my skin is dry.

  43. to loose about 30lbs and learn yoga

  44. i plan to try and find a cream that actually stops my skin being so dry

  45. To drink a Green smoothie everyday. This should help my skin and my allergies.