How @RaceTrac Pizza & Coffee are a Quick After-School Snack #AD

I can’t wait for the school year to end so we can chill and relax in the afternoons. For now, we’re still running to a few after school activities and play dates. They’re always right around the time that I suffer from an afternoon energy crash. The kind of crash where I want to crawl back in bed and get a do-over for my day. But motherhood allows very few breaks after school. So I stopped our neighborhood RaceTrac for a quick after-school snack we could both enjoy.

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Besides fuel for your car, fountain sodas and candy –  you’ll be amazed at the new menu offerings at RaceTrac. First, I stopped by the coffee station for a midday pick me up. My morning caffeine had long since worn off. RaceTrac’s “Crazy Good Coffee” bar lets you choose from an array of brews, add your favorite sweetener and cream. Stay tuned for new coffee machines in 2018 where you can be your own barista by selecting the beans, watch them grind, then brew for a fresh cup.

How @RaceTrac Pizza & Coffee are a Quick After-School Snack #AD

If the heat is getting to you, stop by Swirl World to cool off. Choose from ice cream, Italian ice, sorbet and frozen yogurt. From vanilla to a flavor I’d never imagined, ice cream sandwich – RaceTrac has you covered. After you’ve selected your flavor and cup or cone, choose from up to 40 toppings including everything from M&Ms to coconut.

How @RaceTrac Pizza & Coffee are a Quick After-School Snack #AD

For anyone choosing a lighter fare, I was pleasantly surprised by the array of fresh foods in the cooler section as soon as you walk in RaceTrac. Choose from Greek Style Salad, BLT Caesar Salad, Cobb Salad, Garden Salad. Fresh fruits, veggies and yogurt are there too. Just grab them, checkout and go.

When I stopped by the RaceTrac grab-and-go pizza station, I noticed there was no pepperoni pizza ready. Since RaceTrac pizza is made fresh –  NOT frozen and reheated in the store – I only had to wait for few minutes to get a pepperoni slice for A.J. If you don’t see your favorite topping in grab-and-go section, just give a RaceTrac staffer for your request. They made a fresh pepperoni pizza, sliced it and boxed it while I waited. It was ready by the time I needed to leave for the carpool lane. If you have spicier taste buds than me, try the buffalo chicken pizza with its key sauce ingredient – Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. It’s topped with 100% whole milk choose, crispy breaded chicken and ranch dressing.

How @RaceTrac Pizza & Coffee are a Quick After-School Snack #AD

You should have seen the look on A.J.’s face when I served him a fresh slice of pepperoni pizza as an after-school snack. For the boy who tells me daily “Boys are always hungry, mama” it was as if I’d finally heard his pleas. I tried to get him to stop, take a breath and tell me how good the pizza tastes. He wouldn’t. He inhaled it. The whole pepperoni slice!

How @RaceTrac Pizza & Coffee are a Quick After-School Snack #AD

Imagine how handy these RaceTrac menu options will be this summer when you’re running your children and their friends from activities or taking road trips around the state. Cool off at Swirl World, get an energy boost with “Crazy Good Coffee” or find a fresh salad that’s perfect for your lighter tastes.

Comment below: What would your family like to eat on-the-go when you stop by RaceTrac? If you grab a slice of pizza, what else would you add for a quick after-school snack from RaceTrac?

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  1. I’d go for the coffee. I don’t recall ever seeing a RaceTrac but it looks a lot like a Wawa station.

  2. Gteat post!Pizza is our go to after school snack , especially if I need to make market. I can usually get pizza and veggies from the salad bar for her to have.

  3. Yep, I have definitely stopped at Racetrac for a quick afternoon snack for myself or my kids. I love the sandwiches and our one has a slurpy machine.

  4. My daughters would enjoy plaint cheese pizza and a fruit cup the most. There aren’t a lot of Racetrac stations near us but there are some when we travel to visit grandparents.

  5. We need one of these in our area. My kids are always hungry, and we are always on the go.

  6. I keep hearing about the new Racetrac Stations. Still haven’t been able to check it out.

  7. Way to my heart is pizza…I felt your son in the way he was eating in the pics. I would’ve been just like him tearing that piece of pizza up! LOL! I’m not sure if I have ever been in a Race Trac before, maybe on a roadtrip but I will definitely keep my eyes open for one!

  8. We would def grab pizza for my pizza obsessed boys and fruit and salad to round it off. Tomorrow is our last day of school. I can’t wait!

  9. I am definitely a sucker for some fresh fruit. My 2 year old and I can sit at a picnic table and just eat on fruit for forever haha. Looks like a great place to stop at while on a road trip as well.

  10. They don’t have these in my area but I certainly have stopped at similar convenient stores for an afternoon snack.

  11. I never thought of Racetrac for being a spot for after school snacks for children. I think the Swirl yogurt station would be a fun after school treat too

  12. I’ve never heard of Race Trac but If I had to choose, I’d definitely get a slice of pizza and balance it with some fruit. I have an 11 year old and he is ALWAYS hungry so this would be the perfect snack!