Product review: Yummy Spoonfuls Organic Baby Food

Right around the time a pregnancy test announced A.J.’s pending arrival, I saw a story on CNN about a Georgia mom who started her own organic baby food business. I was captivated by her energy and passion because I’ve always wanted my own business. Little did I know that less than two years later I would meet Agatha Achindu and she would serve A.J. his first taste of Yummy Spoonfuls.

Agatha Achindu feeds A.J. a sample of Yummy Spoonfuls

During her demonstration and taste test, Agatha was so attentive to the needs of parents who want their children to eat healthy food. While A.J. played and walked around the indoor playground Hippo Hopp, Agatha and I chatted about the nation’s childhood obesity problem. She even suggested ways to keep the flavor in the homeade baby food I “occasionally” make for A.J. He tasted her recipe that combined sweet potato, carrot and broccoli.

What stands out the most is that I found out I was looking for Yummy Spoonfuls at Whole Foods in the wrong section of the store. Agatha told me Yummy Spoonfuls has no preservatives so they’re found in the freezer section. That’s where you can find me this week!

Here’s the CNN story about I saw profiling Agatha and Yummy Spoonfuls:

You can buy Yummy Spoonfuls for sale at Whole Food locations and online through trusted retailer,

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  1. Hello Joyce, thank you kindly for taking the time, it was a pleasure meeting you and A.J at the testing. Hope to see you again.
    Jared-Zane’s mommy

    • We really enjoyed meeting you. Bought A.J.’s Yummy Spoonfuls at Whole Foods this week. He just tasted lentils for the first time!