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Lessons in “Extreme Couponing” and saving money on diapers from The Coupon Diva Webisode #3.7

TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” show either makes you jump for joy when you see how much people are saving on their grocery bills thanks to coupons OR you think they’re crazy for spending as many as 30 hours a week clipping coupons. Thank goodness of our our guests, Aimee Brittain AKA …

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[VIDEO] How do you find alone or personal time as a mom?

Moms hardly get any alone time. Children learn to bang on the bathroom door while you’re inside. Work overlaps personal time thanks to blackberries and laptops. It can all make you feel like pulling your hair out. So how do you find alone or personal time as a mom? One …

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[VIDEO] Car Seat Guidelines from American Academy of Pediatrics: Keep Children Rear-Facing Longer

At A.J.’s one year check-up last week I expected his pediatrician to say it was O.K. to turn his car seat to forward facing. Not so. She told us doctors now recommend keeping children rear-facing longer. Here are the new car seat guidelines. The American Academy of Pediatrics has new …

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