Product Review: Baby Cubes and The First Years Learning Curve Take and Toss Feeding Pack

Do-it-yourself Baby Food

Making your baby or toddler’s food and feeding it to them can be simple and cost effective with the right tools in the kitchen.

I bought the Baby Cubes along with the Take and Toss Feeding pack from about five months ago, long before I came up with the idea for this talk show.

They’ve really helped me store and serve A.J.’s food in an organized way. I like the Baby Cubes because they store easily in the freezer or refrigerator. I send A.J. to pre-school with the Take and Toss bowls with no worry about them getting lost or broken.

Both items are made of “safe” plastics. They’re BPA free, microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

Video Review of Baby Cubes & Take and Toss Feeding Pack

Disclosure: I purchased these items on my own and wanted to share my experience.

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  1. It’s so much fun making their food, isn’t it? Although lately Ab only wants to eat off my plate.

    Also, you may want to think twice before putting any type of plastic in the dishwasher or microwave- even if they are labeled as safe to do so. Chemicals do still leach out and while it may not be BPA- that’s just one of many found that are found in plastics. BPA was once considered safe too.

    disclaimer- I am a wee bit over cautious about chemicals and such. 🙂