News coverage of Tucson, AZ shooting and other tragedies make me cry every morning – Morning Josephine

As a TV journalist I was trained and conditioned to keep my emotions in check while covering tragedies like murders, fatal fires and natural disasters. For years, I did a pretty good job of that. I wasn’t cold and emotionless. But if a story made me upset I could usually put my feelings aside until after a newscast.
Now that I’m a mom and watch morning news, I find myself crying every day while holding A.J. in my lap.
The Tucson, AZ shooting spree really affected me this morning and I talk about it in Morning Josephine.

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  1. Hey Joyce, I see that you have written about this topic before, I am just now catching this post. I posted that Facebook status today about not wanting to watch the news. It must have been difficult to report those stories all the time! 🙁