Did you know Mabel’s Labels Makes Solar Powered Labels?


Recently, I have been looking for an alternative to charge my iPhone while I am out running errands or headed to preschool drop-off and pickup. It is such a hassle to look for a power outlet when you are in a coffee shop or grocery store. The worst is when your phone or camera is flashing red and there is no where to go for power because you are on vacation at the beach or hiking up that mountain.

Guess what? Mabel’s Labels understands these frustrations and have created Solar-powered labels to charge your phone or camera with energy from the sun. You will never need to worry about battery life for your device again. Find out more information about these labels by visiting, http://www.mabelslabels.com/solar-powered-labels/.

We also use the new Mabel’s Label’s Allergy Alerts to keep A.J. safe since he has an array of allergies. Here’s a video review I just created showing how well they work on cups and containers.

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  1. I love Mabel’s Labels! I use them for just about everything my little one leaves the house with.