Back to School Savings with Groupon and Living Social

This week I struck up a conversation with a mom in my neighborhood at the frozen yogurt shop. She had a tablet and books on her table. This mom was on a mission. I asked if she was using the yogurt shops wi-fi, then she quickly held up her portable wifi hot spot with a smile. Turns out she didn’t live nearby, but was waiting for her son to finish a basketball training camp at the church across the street. After all, basketball season starts shortly after the kids go back to school.  Busy Yogurt Shop Mom told me, “We like it. We’re already seeing results. We may sign him up to come back since we’re trying out this class we found on Groupon.”  Sounds like a great back to school savings idea. Save 50% or more on a deal site for a child’s activity or class, then decide if it’s worth paying full price. Although I get emails each week from Groupon and Living Social, I’ve mainly used it for myself for spa services and tech product purchases, I’ve never used it for A.J. and now I’m about to give it a second look.

Quick reminder: there’s a site-wide savings code 15SCHOOL for 15% off Living Social through August 3, 2014 as 11:59 p.m. PST. Restrictions apply.

Back to School Savings with Groupon and Living Social ~

Books, DVDs & Apps

I’ve seen bundles of children’s books, DVDs and educational apps on the deal sites.

Gymnastics & Sports Camps

Just like “Busy Yogurt Shop Mom” who found a physical conditioning camp for her son, there are discounts to gymnastics and sports camps you can find and try out. Try out a dance or private music class!

Salon Services

A new haircut or look are perfect for back to school. Find a salon that’s offering a deal.

School clothes & school supplies

Grab a discount gift card or one of those “spend $100, pay $75” offers for an online clothing retailer. Right now, there’s 15% off kid’s back to school essentials code for Kohl’s through Living Social.

Back to School Savings with Groupon & Living Social ~

I struck up a conversation on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page about deal sites and back to school. I’d love to hear your take:

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  1. Groupon and Living Social are such great ways to save!

  2. Love me some Groupon savings! With back to school and a single income house, I need all the deals I can get my hands on!

  3. I use those sites for fun family activities, but hadn’t considered using them for back to school deals. I’ll be checking them out. With three kids, there’s a lot to buy & do!

  4. I use both of these sites for a variety of products and services. Love them!