How to Get Organized for Back to School

‘Back to school’. Talk about mixed feelings! Most parents I’ve talked with have said that while getting their kids ready is stressful, it’s a relief to get back to a regular schedule – and most kids I know actually agree! More proof that kids thrive on routine. Here a few key ways to make sure your family is ready to go with minimal stress and gets easily organized for back to school.

How to Get Organized for Back to School !

Get Organized for Back to School

Get those kiddos to bed! If you’ve gotten a little relaxed on bedtime over the summer, get your kids back on their school year bedtime routine – soon! So many families wait to do this until the weekend before school starts, but many child development experts have found that it takes up to several weeks for kids to catch up on their sleep and settle into the routine, especially since they’re going to bed when it’s still a bit light outside!

Get the all clear on shots! Make sure your kids’ immunizations are up-to-date with county requirements. Most school systems will not release your student’s class schedule to you until you have proof of current vaccinations. Doing this now will save you and the kiddos from the usual week-before-school rush at the pediatrician’s office!

Oh, those supply lists! Luckily, our county is fantastic with posting these well in advance. Print those lists out, and get that chore out of the way – the sooner, the better! If you’re tempted to put this one off, close your eyes and imagine the back-to-school aisles at Target the Saturday before school starts. It makes Christmas look calm. (Along those lines, have your kids do a scavenger hunt in your home for those supplies. Most people are surprised to find that they have at least half of the supplies their kids need.)

How to Get Organized for Back to School ~

Study Time! Make sure your kids’ study area is clear, well-stocked, and ready to go, whether it’s a full desk set-up in her room or a snug spot in the family’s living area. Remember good lighting, too. Grab a sturdy study lamp. Building good study habits starts with the environment around us!

Comment below: Have you discovered a key to success for your family as it pertains to back-to-school?


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