Jackson, MS TV News Reporter Melissa Faith Payne on the challenges of being a mom to 3 boys under 3

UPDATE:  In January 2013, Melissa Faith Payne left her news anchor position at WJTV. She worked as  Director of Communications for Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson’s re-election campaign, then at JSU. In August 2014, she accepted an evening anchor position at the Fox station in Jackson, MS. On February 23, 2016 she gave birth to her fourth son, Mathew Eric.

Meet Melissa Faith Payne

One of the people I’m in awe of daily is my friend and former “competitor” Melissa Faith Payne. She’s a married mom to three boys and managing a hectic career in local TV news.

Melissa Faith, Melissa Faith Payne, WJTV reporter
Melissa Faith Payne, Former WJTV News Reporter

Melissa Faith Payne and her husband Eric have three sons: Myles, 2; Mason, 1; and Max, almost 2 months old.

Even though I moved from Mississippi, she’s one of the wonderful friends who called  me during my pregnancy to see how I was settling in to life as a new mom.

I sent Melissa Faith a Facebook message (who uses e-mail anymore?) with my questions about her life as a mom of 3 boys under age 3 and her impressions of Mommy Talk Show.

Myles, Eric, Melissa Faith & Mason

Q: How are your older boys Myles & Mason handling being big brothers?
A: Initially… they paid the baby very little attention. But now… at times they attempt to be helpful. Myles is a master of giving Max his pacifier and Mason loves to get diapers and wipes for me. They haven’t exhibited many signs of jealousy yet…. but I guess it’s because they’re so young.
Q: What’s the dumbest or weirdest thing someone said to you about having so many children in a short period of time?
A: The list goes on and on! I’ve had three children in three years…. so I constantly hear stupid comments… “You’re pregnant… AGAIN?” “Why are you guys having so many kids”. “Did you mean to get pregnant…. AGAIN?” Ugh. But I also have some pretty snappy comebacks too! When people would ask me ‘why’ I was pregnant again… I’d ask them why were they concerned… was it because they wanted to chip in on daycare? Most got the hint!

Q: I remember how hectic and crazy it was to work in local TV news when I was single and childless. Tell me about your new schedule change at work and how it’s helping you manage your household.
A: I went from being the Weekend Anchor at my station… to being the Morning Show Reporter at my station. Technically… its a demotion, but it’s the best thing for my family. I report to work at 4am… and by 1pm I’m done for the day. I’m able to go home, cook, straighten up, do a little laundry… and regroup before I pick the kids up from the sitter at around 5pm. When my husband is off… we all have dinner together and enjoy family time until the boys’ bedtime at 8:30. We also now have weekends free to take the kids to the park, lunch, the zoo… or where ever. I’d been on that weekend shift for years… and had missed so many weekend activities with my family… that this new schedule is a blessing!

Q: You recently traveled out of state for a wedding and your husband stayed on Daddy-duty. How well did things go? Were you constantly checking in? How did you handle pumping breast milk while you were away from Baby Max?
A: Eric is an amazing dad!! He’s been hands on ever since BEFORE Myles was born. So I honestly had no worries about him being home with all three boys!! When I worked weekends… he’d be home with the two older ones… so he was up to the task. He sent me a few pics while I was gone, and I called and talked to the the older boys. As for pumping… I took my breast pump with me and pumped several times a day. I ended up dumping my milk since I had a few glasses of wine.

Q: Being a “local celebrity” has its perks. I remember when I was in the hospital a few times in Jackson, MS and the treatment I received was definitely a reflection of that. Was it similar for you when you delivered your boys?
A: Definitely!! I delivered all three boys at Baptist Hospital. When Myles was born… we had some issues with viewers trying to come to my room, or calling the switchboard looking for us. Scary!! So the hospital was great about keeping us totally anonymous after that!! My nurses were fantastic and were very good about protecting my privacy!

Q: I’m sure this is not an original question. But will you and your husband try for a girl? Why/why not?
A: We will definitely NOT be trying for a girl!! Three boys is enough.. and I kinda like being the Queen of this Castle!!

Q: For me, it’s hard to remember my “pre-A.J.” days as a single, care-free career woman. Is it hard for you to think back to your pre-Myles, Mason, Max days too?
A: It’s not hard to remember those days… but I do know that my life is more complete NOW. There are adjustments…. my husband and I can’t pick up and go the way we used to. Before we make any plans… we have to do extra planning. Even a simple movie date requires thought… since we have three children under the age of 3!! But I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Q: Are you surprised I’m not working in TV anymore and producing my own show/blog?
A: I am very surprised!!! However, I’m most impressed with how you’ve embraced mommyhood… and how you’re using it propel your career in a new direction! The change in you is amazing and I believe AJ is truly benefiting from having such an attentive mother. You’re an inspiration to lots of moms out there!

Q: What blogs or parenting sites are your favorites?
A: Of course I love Mommytalkshow.com I also belong to an online group of mommies that I met at babycenter.com. We all were due in May of 2008 so we formed our own special group to discuss our pregnancies, kids, etc. A real bond formed between us all… so we stay in contact. They are an amazing support!

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  1. You did a great job on the other night with The Exchange Club in Vicksburg!

  2. I met Melissa today in Natchez at a youth football game! She’s just a beautiful person! You can tell she’s a hands on mom! She came in to bring one of her sons their shoe! I just love her spirit! Very positive and encouraging!

    • Thanks Priscilla. As a Mom of one, I’m in awe of moms with large families. It takes a lot of organization and commitment.