I Loved You Before You Were Born #NakedMoms

When I was a local TV news anchor in Jackson, Mississippi I worked the late shift. I usually got home around 11 p.m. It was very lonely to leave work late at night and head home to my empty, dark condo with no family there waiting for me.

Several times I remember giving myself a pep talk as my 1998 Honda Civic exited Interstate 55 for County Line Road.

I told myself:

“It won’t always be like this.”

“I’m lonely now, but one day my child will keep me busy.”

“Cherish this time when you sleep by yourself. You’ll have a husband and child some day to keep you busy.”

How true that last statement was! Our son A.J. is about to turn 4 and he lives by the motto, “Sleep is for suckers!” Afternoon naps are hit and miss. They’ve been replaced by “quiet time” where he does acrobatics in his bed. A.J. usually wakes around 6 a.m. as if he has newspapers to deliver! So my alarm goes off around 5 a.m., just to get a jump on the day. Man, I miss those single girl days when I slept in and didn’t have a little person demanding breakfast.

When I listen to A.J.’s daily observations, admire his love for reading and watch him make every piece of furniture in our home a diving board, I remember how much I loved him before he was born.

I Loved You Before You Were Born #NakedMoms ~ MommyTalkShow.com

A.J. is a fulfillment of the hope the Lord placed in my heart that I’d have a child who would occupy all of that free time I had when I was single.  The same way his cuddles and hugs comfort me through hard days as a work at home mom, knowing that someday he’d be here – comforted me when I was single, lonely and child-free.

It’s like I’ve been talking to A.J. for years before he was born.

Did you have a similar feeling of love for your child before they were conceived?

Do you ever miss your child-free days and feel a bit guilty for it? I don’t!

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  1. You know, I don’t miss those days. Sure, I still like my me time, but I wouldn’t trade the moments that I have with Ayva for ANYTHING in the world. I wanted a child, but I never even knew that this kind of child, just AMAZING, you know, even existed! We are so blessed. <3

  2. I remember those days. I always knew I would be a mom. I knew that I would be the best mom I could be. I don’t really miss not having kids but I appreciate the quiet time that I have when I get it. I love both my kids to pieces.

  3. Great post. I love my kids more than life. But there are definitely times where I wish I could just curl up on the couch with a netflix marathon (or hey, poop alone).

  4. What a sweet post! It is nice to see what other moms thought and felt when they were expecting.

  5. Great story, love your determination. Very encouraging!

  6. My children were the best thing to happen to me. And luckily, since my husband and I are not morning people, by the time each of my kids were toddlers, they started sleeping late themselves. However because of school, I still had to get up early on school days for about 15 years and hated it with a passion. But now my kids are grown and I work from home and I finally can sleep on my own schedule so there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  7. I love this post. I now am on the other side of it. My girls are both older and pretty much self sufficient, so I am longing for the days of being “needed” again. I know I am going to be one of those people that really struggles with the “empty nest” that I am only a few years from… just thinking about it makes me tear up LOL

  8. This is so beautiful, and so real. There are days where I want nothing more than MY quiet time and a decent night’s sleep, but then my two little ones start babbling to one another or throwing their arms around my neck, and my heart just melts. #3 is due in April and reading this post just made me that much more excited for him/her! xo

  9. I miss my single days SO much, because I haven’t had a single day since I was a teenager. I didn’t get to be an adult without children, so I am very much looking forward to my children being grown so that I can enjoy myself and being an adult. I’m doing what I can do enjoy what I have now, but it’s hard. I’ve been raising babies for 13 years now and my youngest is only 2. I’m only 32. It’s hard. But it has made me strong and beautiful and an enigma among my peers. I Think it’s beautiful that you talked to your son before he was even conceived.