How to write an emergency list for a nanny or babysitter

Emergency, in case of emergency

I’ve been a bad mommy. I neglected to leave an emergency contact list for my part-time nanny and friend who watches A.J. while I’m away.

I realized if there was a fire or other emergency, they may not have vital information they would need. So here’s a video to help you create or update your emergency list for your nanny or babysitter. In case you’re in the midst of a caretaker search, you can search for free for the perfect sitter who lives close by on sites like or

Watch the video and if I left anything out or you have a suggestion, please comment below.

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  1. Not for a short list but a “babysitter help book”

    Since my daughter has quite a few allergies and it’s sometimes not easy to determine if a food is safe or not I created a “menu” that has pictures of the food items she can eat. It also doubles as a way to teach my daughter more words. For example the first page will have a picture of a banana with the word banana underneath. The sitter knows which foods are safe and the pictures make them easily recognizable in a fridge or pantry.

    It also helps when my daughter can’t say what she wants. She doesn’t know how to say banana, but she does know “snack” so the book would help her find the word she’s looking for and get a healthy safe snack!

    Also: I’d list (or show) the sitter if my child is attached to anything. My daughter is basically super glued to her blanket and it takes a bit of coaxing to calm her down without it.

  2. Great suggestions Jennifer!
    The first time I left A.J. with a friend, I wrote an entire page on his eating & napping scheduled + snacks.
    Since he’s gotten bigger and is a great talker I haven’t been as good about that.