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Would you consider home schooling vs. sending your child to public school? Part II

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I remember a time when when kids who were home schooled were considered “bad kids” or had been expelled from public school. That’s far from the case nowadays. Home schooled kids are known from excelling academically and socially. There are tons of resources for home schoolers online and links below to great books & magazines from Amazon.com. This webisode is sponsored by Main Street School of Art in Downtown Tucker.

Watch art teacher Laurie Morrison break down some of the stereotypes about home schooling and explain why she’s considering it for her daughter:

Meet the moms:
Laurie Morrison, Creator of Main Street School of Art (watch her video profile)
Michelle McDonald, Inventor of maternity clothing products; follow @wefit2029
Felicia Walton, Sassie Babies embroidered & monogrammed accessories

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