How do you make the decision to have a second child? Part II

Talk about perfect timing. Little did we know that as we taped this webisode about the decision to have a second child, one of our Mommy Talk Show guests had just found out she was pregnant for the second time!

Congratulations to Adrian Shepherd of Parties and Things, along with her husband and daughter.

Here’s part II of our discussion on handling two children. Gigi Pedraza of Inca Kids picks up the discussion where we left off and opens up about her feelings when she was pregnant with her second daughter:

Do you have any advice for Adrian on helping her daughter adjust to a new baby and becoming a big sister? Feel free to comment below!

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  1. I don’t think I want another child… it may sound selfish, but I don’t wanna be ‘out of commission’ again. When I had my first son, it took me so long to get back into my ‘groove.’ LOL

    • I understand you on being “out of commission.” Thanks to A.J.’s long list of allergies and the fact that I’m still nursing him, I can’t even eat my absolute favorite food: cheese.
      I would really need to be pregnant by the end of 2011 for a second child to be a possibility for us. I’m about to turn 38 so the “baby shop” is about to close!

  2. Hi Joyce. Enjoyed the show. I’m so ready for another little one. My son, Elijah just turned 3 and I’m 28; but between job changes the timing just isn’t right. And I agree with your first guest, I can only play catch and trains so long. LOL!! He needs a playmate, ASAP!! Take care and keep up the good work. SN: Miss you in MS 🙁

    • Hi Tara! I miss my Mississippi folks too. If I come back, I’d really like to tape a Mommy Talk Show webisode there. Keep your eye on in case that happens!

      I understand you wanting a playmate for your son. I hope you’re able to balance work to have another baby!