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This summer, my husband and I started the mortgage application process to buy a new home. We thought it would be cut and dry. We’d submit all of our important information, then wait a little while and get approved. Thankfully, our lender was kind enough to guide us through a few credit issues that would momentarily stall our search. We wanted to take advantage of any opportunity to get the absolute lowest interest rate on our mortgage, which could influence our buying power and monthly payments. Although we each have an individual credit score, this experience showed me how important it is for stay at home or work at home moms to consider their own credit history.

You can take steps on your own to clean up your credit or you can get professional help. I’ll walk you through what’s working for me.  

This summer, I made a personal goal to:

Use credit cards wisely.

I haven’t stopped using my credit cards entirely. But I strategically use credit cards for bonus points and rewards, and then I pay the balance total immediately to avoid late fees and interest. There’s nothing like the feeling of paying off a bill before the grace period ends. You know you’re all set for the month.

Call creditors regularly.

Anything can happen that affects your ability to pay an outstanding bill. An unexpected medical co-pay or car repair has blown my budget in the past. I immediately call my creditors to let them know of even minor changes that influence my ability to pay more, pay less, or even make a lump sum payment.  As I neared the end of my car loan, it was such a huge relief the day I called my bank and let them know I could pay my car loan off entirely.

The amount of paperwork needed after you buy a car is similar to getting a mortgage. I created this helpful list of all the companies and agencies you need to contact below.

Check the credit report.

A small mistake or overlooked item can appear on your credit report. It’s important to check your credit report regularly for discrepancies. A call or an email can clear it up, but sometimes it takes more back and forth to work with a creditor to set the record straight.

Although I’m doing these steps on my own to make sure my credit history and credit score stay in optimum condition, you can also get professional help.

How can Lexington Law Firm help?

Thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and similar acts on the books, you have a right to dispute your track record with individual creditors and the major credit bureaus.

Did you know that Lexington Law Firm has a proven track record and is one of the most trusted names in the credit repair industry?

Lexington Law has built a proprietary app that gives consumers access to best-in-class service. It is a real-time solution that puts information in the hands of consumers, at the level they prefer.

Talkback to me below: Moms, what are your credit challenges? How are you working to improve your credit score? How will an improved credit score influence your next financial goal?

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  1. Good credit is so important! Friends would always ask me how I received 3% interest when I closed on my home…Well, we all know!! I have been educating my sons on the importance of good credit since they were little. When they wanted more because their friends had more, I explained that we didn’t have the money for the things we didn’t need. i wasn’t going to just flash a card and get more when it wasn’t needed. Also, sticking to my monthly budget has helped a lot and having the boys watch me do that over the years has helped them.