Healthy Eating Tips for Busy Moms

Here are a few healthy eating tips for busy moms to enjoy well-balanced meals with your family with meal preparation and guilt-free after school snacks. ~

Unfortunately, when you’re a mom you get stuck surrounded by a lot of grilled cheese, chicken tenders and french fries, and pizza as eating options! These are foods that are quick and easy to make or pick up. That’s just the facts of life, because that’s what your kids love to eat. These food choices can put your whole family on the unhealthy spectrum if you eat these foods too often. Children have higher metabolisms to burn this food and they play harder than adults do. But the older you get, the harder it is to stay thin. Here are a few healthy eating tips for busy moms to enjoy well-balanced meals with your family.

Healthy Eating Tips for Busy Moms

-Bake Instead of Frying: If you typically fry your chicken tenders or french fries, try baking them instead! This way even if you do end up eating those meals with your kids, they are a bit healthier than if you fried them. You could even make your chicken tenders and bread them with almond or coconut flour which is a healthier alternative to breading chicken with regular flour. Try to avoid the pre-made chicken strips and french fries. Slice your own chicken breasts and potatoes, then add your own seasonings.

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-Incorporate fruits and vegetables more: I know sometimes it can be a big challenge to get your kids to eat healthy foods, but if you start them young then they have a better chance of liking them. Our son’s favorite dessert is ice cream. It’s OK to splurge once in awhile, but I prefer to give him fresh fruits as a treat. This week, we’ve make few fruit smoothies after school. He loves to slice the fruit, add a few spinach leaves and ice. For him, it’s a fun kitchen game. For me, it’s a way to know he’s had fresh fruits and vegetables!

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-Meal Planning & Preparation: My goal is to prep more of a weekday foods on Sunday. It will erase the excuse to grab and go fast foods during the week.  If you’re raising  babies and toddlers, try using their nap time to prepare meals or search for new recipes. For older children, let them help you get ingredients out of the fridge and pantry. Create a cool assembly line for dinners you can all make together.

-Stay Motivated and Try to Get the Whole Family On Board: Don’t overwhelm yourself. Every meal you prepare won’t be Martha Stewart-worthy! Introduce new vegetables and flavors to your family so they don’t get bored. Avoid using food as a reward for good behavior. Instead, let your children stay up an extra 15 minutes, ride their bikes or play outside a little longer.


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Talk to me in the comments: What are your favorite ways to serve your family healthy meals? Does your family recommend or try new recipes often?

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