[VIDEO] Watch 4 Year Old Lip Sync`Happy’ Song #Pharrell #Happy #GMAHappy

Our son’s obsession with Pharrell Williams has reached epic proportions. First, his Dad introduced him to Pharell’s music through his group N.E.R.D, then his collaboration with the French group, Daft Punk. On Grammy night 2014, A.J. saw Pharrell on the red carpet and proclaimed “When I grow up, I want to change my name to Pharrell!” (I don’t think that’ll happen, but we’ll let him dream.)  Once the “Happy” Song phenomena became a world-wide frenzy there was no turning back. It’s on every TV show, commercials and radio station. Watch his performance of the Pharrell “Happy” song from the backseat of my car and keep reading for two more things A.J. has in common with the Oscar-nominated music producer.

Pharrell’s Friends

When we attended the Kinsey Collection reception at the Atlanta History Center for a Mother-Son Date Night, one of the first people we met was Amir Windom. The record executive told us co-wrote the “Happy” song with Pharrell and A.J. was immediately impressed. Amir was kind enough to make some funny faces with A.J. and chat with him a bit, so I shared it on Instagram:

The Hat Thing

Pharrell has made hats the new accessory of 2014 when he debuted his “Arby” chic hat on the 2014 Grammy Red Carpet. Tweets about the hat almost broke Twitter and sparked its own Twitter name, @Pharrellhat. A.J. has been ahead of Pharrell on this one. He’s been a hat fanatic since he was about two years old. Ninety-five percent of the time he doesn’t leave the house without either his Kia, ESPN Wide World of Sports or Atlanta Braves Hat.

Boy Loves Hats

A.J.’s Happy Video

When the “Happy” song comes on the radio, A.J. immediately breaks into song by lip syncing the lyrics. They’re addictive, fun and you know…happy. So he is singing and dancing in the backseat of my car. You’ve got to see his interpretation of the “Hey, hey, hey” line by Pharrell.


Next up, A.J.’s preschool is planning a school play in a few weeks and guess what song he suggested as the finale? You got it “Happy”!

Comment below: What do you think makes the “Happy Song” so popular? Have you caught yourself and your children singing along? Did you see Pharrell cry on the Oprah interview when she saw fans from around the world singing his song?

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  1. There is just SOMETHING about that song!! My 3 YO LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. We all are singing and dancing when ever it comes on! Great song all around!

  2. Love how uplifting the song Happy is – just what we need for Spring after a LONG winter

  3. Everyone loves that song! It’s so awesome that one song is generating so much conversation – and so much happiness!

  4. TOO cute!!! I think the Happy song is popular because in these days and times, we all need something to be happy about. It’s catchy and has an old school vibe and is easy for anyone to dance and groove to. Pharrell hit a homerun with this tune. 🙂

  5. Your son is such a cutie! I love the Happy song and so do my kids.

  6. I love that song! Your son is too cute!

  7. I LOVE THIS SONG! This song makes my whole day! When I’m having a bad day, I pull up the 24 hr video and run it. Of course, I’m so busy dancing in my chair, I can’t get any work done! I am a lot happier with the space of just a few minutes though!

  8. I love AJ in his little hat. And, he’s got the beat down.