Fitness Friday: Free Meal Planning Help from @CafePhysique & Week #2 Check-in

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Week 2 Check-in

I wish I could say this week was easier than the first week of Fitness Friday. But it wasn’t. It was hard to fit in a workout when I stay up until midnight working and wake around 5 a.m.  so I have at least an hour to myself before A.J. wakes up. But I managed to walk Piedmont Park with another mom in my playgroup. A.J. and I also took a stroll around our neighborhood. It’s pretty cool to hear him say, “Let’s go on a exercise, Mommy!” or do a two year old’s version of a jumping jack.

What’s consistent is that I accepted I can’t do it all alone. I need to be accountable to someone. It helps to know every Friday I have to face the scale and my video camera so I can share my progress with you. This week’s sponsor is Cafe Physique, a mobile fitness and nutrition service in Atlanta. From the comfort of your home, the trainers and nutritionists can help you need to get fit. Watch the video to hear what Cafe Physique is offering for free then scroll down for a special discount offer.

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Next week on Fitness Friday

Get expertise on your weight loss journey from the mom of two who owns Cafe Physique in an online Facebook event.

Did I lose any weight?

Nope. I gained. Last week I was 207.6 and this week I’m 207.8. It’s a little discouraging, but it’s better than gaining an entire pound.

Fitness Friday, weigh in, Cafe Physique, Joyce Brewer

Part of the problem is I had a few more carbs this week. I ate an entire box of Kashi Go Lean crunch cereal with fresh fruit.Kashi Cereal, Fitness Friday, Mommy Talk Show, Joyce Brewer

When my husband and I enjoyed dinner out at Leon’s full service in Decatur. I enjoyed a gyro and spring salad. But I also nibbled on his french fries.

See you next week. My goal is to lose at least one pound and use the Cafe Physique online nutrition program to help make better meal choices.

Kashi Cereal, Fitness Friday, Mommy Talk Show, Joyce Brewer, Leon's Full Service

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  1. Joyce… I just discovered Kohl’s for many cute items outside of fitness because they have crazy mad deals. Then I returned this week and was able to buy 3 entire workout outfits including sports bra for $100 and received $20 Kohl’s cash to use on another visit. what is so great too, it when you have Kohl’s cash to spend, there isn’t a spending limit…so I can just come in with my $20 Kohl’s cash and buy something that cost $ essentially it’s no extra money spent. Loving it. Check them out they have a nice selection from Nike, Fila, Adidas, and Danskin just to name a few.

    Hey please hold me accountable as well, didn’t do my weightloss story for this past Wednesday because I was a slacker all around, bloggin, dieting and working out. :/

  2. Weight loss: It may take a bit to get into the swing of things with weight loss. It’s natural to feel discouraged. Set it aside and press on anyway, you’re on the right path. Using the Cafe Physique online nutrition program will be a huge help for you to make smart choices (the Greek girl in me really hates telling you that a Gyro is probably not the best choice). :'( Nevertheless, making your workouts consistent and dedicating a couple of months to very mindful eating (in order to cultivate new, healthier eating habits) will help you reach your goals – and feel great. I know you can do it.

    Workout clothes: I really like what I find at Target and TJ Maxx (and, sometimes, Old Navy) for budget-friendly workout clothes. I too am at an in-between stage right now. My old stuff (which is a pricey mix of lucy and lululemon) is too big, but I haven’t lost everything just yet, so don’t want to do a whole new, smokin’ workout wardrobe right now. So, a few things from the stores above are what I’ll be sporting in the meantime.

  3. Definitely don’t be discouraged that you didn’t lose weight this week. With Cafe Physique clients, we’ve found that those who are most successful are the ones that KEEP GOING. It’s easy to give up when the weight doesn’t drop off every week, but consistency is the single most important factor in weight loss. When I lost 40 pounds ten years ago, there were countless weeks where I ALMOST threw in the towel, but I was too cheap! I had already prepaid my personal trainer for 3 months of sessions – lol. I can’t wait to answer questions for some of your viewers next Friday!

    • Thanks Amber. If anything, it encouraged me to step up my exercise since that’s my biggest hurdle. I hit the gym Saturday and Sunday for 20-30 minutes.
      I’m sure a lot of moms would like to hear your suggestions on dropping the baby weight next Friday!

  4. Do not get discouraged!
    I read somewhere that Kashi has an awful lot of calories 🙁

  5. Hey there Joyce, I know I’m a week late, but I’ve gotten really good workout clothes (the kind that helps you stay dry) from Danskin at Walmart. I don’t think I spent more than $15 per piece. That was earlier this year so I’m sure they’ve got things still in stock that are of similar quality and similar prices. Well in case I’m too late because you’ve already picked some things up, keep it in mind for future reference when you get to small for your current workout clothes :>)