[VIDEO] From Lasik to Lenses Again: My Firmoo Online Optical Clear Frames

I put off buying new glasses for a few years. Even though we are in the eye doctor’s office a few times a year because our 8-year-old A.J. has several vision conditions, I didn’t put myself first. I just kept making excuses when I shouldn’t have. Now that I’ve ordered new frames and lenses from Firmoo Optical, I see how simple it was and how they immediately corrected my vision. Watching TV and driving are brand new experiences thanks to my Firmoo lenses. Pricing starts at $4.95 A Pair For New Customers Only, plus shipping and features like protective coatings.  Keep reading below where you’ll find a video of my experience with Firmoo Online Optical and my commission-earning affiliate links. Thank you to Firmoo Online Optical Store for providing a complimentary pair of frames and lenses.


Here’s a little background on my experience wearing glasses. I remember in 8th grade I had a hard time seeing the blackboard in class. I would move my seat up to the front of the class so that I could take notes. I remember my Mom taking me to get my eyes examined and get my first set of frames.  By high school, I wore contact lenses. Eventually, I upgraded to the contact lenses you could wear for a week to 30 days then throw away.

Around 2004, when the TV makeover show became popular that featured folks getting plastic surgery and lasik surgery, I started thinking about getting surgery to correct my vision. I took the plunge. Back then it was a great $2000 investment to be able to immediately be able to see when I got up in the morning. I read a TV teleprompter almost three hours a day when I was a news anchor in Mississippi.


The surgery took barely 20 minutes. It was my first time taking a Xanax to relax. By the time I walked out of the vision center I was able to see clearly like I did when I was a child. For more than 10 years, I enjoyed really clear vision after the surgery. I never experienced dry eye or weird halo experiences around street lights. Besides a terrible case of adult pink eye, my eyes have been healthy. But for almost two years, my vision exams showed that it was no longer clear and corrective lenses would suit me best for long distances. Here’s an up close look at the clear plastic frames and prescription lenses I ordered. They’re Women’s Frames Design #S945 in case you’d like to use the Firmoo “Try On Tool” and see how they’d look on you.

Video Review:

Clear Frames from Firmoo Online Optical

How to Order Firmoo Glasses

Get an eye exam from your ophthalmologist.  Many times this is covered by insurance with a small co-pay.

Ask for your written prescription from your eye doctor. Make sure your pupillary distance is included. Firmoo will need these numbers to make sure your prescription measures well in the frames.

Look at an old pair of glasses for your frame size or do like I did; stop by an optical store; try on a few pairs; look at three numbers on the side for the lens width, bridge width, temple width. You’ll need these numbers and your prescription to complete your order at Firmoo.com

Use this savings code for 50% off for first-time customers.

Place your order; wait about five (5) business days for them to arrive, try them on and show them off.

I was impressed that my Firmoo Frames #S945 came with a hard plastic class, inside a cloth bag with nose buds, a mini screwdriver and screws for future repairs.

Will I order from Firmoo again?

Yes, the BOGO deals at Firmoo make it easy to order a primary and a spare pair. There are even Firmoo kids glasses to choose from so you can save on glasses for your entire family!

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  1. I want lasik! I envy people who can see when they wake up in the morning haha. I wear contacts 90% of the time but I’ve been thinking about getting glasses to give my eyes a break.

  2. Gosh I would love to get lasik! It used to be so expensive, glad the price has gone down so more people can take advantage. Firmoo has so really cute styles at good prices!

  3. Great frames. I am a long time contact wearer and have no desire for LASIK but I enjoyed your story from glasses/contacts to LASIK back to glasses again

  4. Cute Glasses! I have a pair of clear frames from Firmoo that I love!

  5. These glasses are really cute on you. I love the clear frames. I’ve considered Lasik before, but since I have astigmatism I have to do PRK.

  6. I’ve looked into this company in the past, but for whatever reason, never pulled the trigger. But that 50% off coupon could make me stop the procrastination.

  7. You were a brave one to do Lasik! Those frames really “frame” your face and suit you well!

  8. Cute frames Joyce. I had no idea that lasik didn’t last forever. I’m sure it was still worth it for you. Glasses are cute on you regardless.

  9. Those are some cute glasses! And wow, I thought Lasik was supposed to last forever. 10 years is a good run though.

  10. I love those glasses on you. They look great.