Facts about Smartphones and Kids from Zact Mobile Service

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At this stage, our three year old son only uses our iPhones to talk on the phone to talk to his grandparents who live out of town. But that won’t be the case for much longer. I can see him having a cell phone and possibly even a smartphone by the time he’s 6 or 7. That’s especially true if he’s in an after school program or needing transportation from school to sports or music lessons.

Just like me, other parents have concerns about their kids’ mobile device usage and the team at Zact conducted a survey to find out what’s behind parents concerns.

Did you know 73% of U.S. parents are concerned about the lack of parental control of a child’’s activities on mobile devices?

What are your biggest concerns for your kids when they have a smartphone? How do you talk to them about it?

See the Zact infographic below for other great statistics on kids and mobile usage.

Smartphone Facts about Kids from Zact Mobile

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  1. I can definitely see my son having a phone when it’s time to head to school but I also worry about him being safe!
    Mariah recently posted..15 Great Fall Books for Toddlers & Preschoolers

  2. I think kids these days are so used to technology that they can easily learn to use mobile devices at an early age. My 2 year old has been tinkering with my iPhone and one time I was just shocked that he was already calling people on my phone (usually the ones at the top of my “recent calls” list). I believe their usage of mobile devices should be controlled but it’s good for them to learn how to use it at an early age so that they know what to do especially during emergencies.
    isis recently posted..Easy Peach Crepe Recipe #FreshFinds

  3. For me the biggest concerns are being able to monitor usage and gps location abilities.
    Angela recently posted..P.S. from Aeropostale Fall Clothing for Girls

  4. Glad I don’t have to worry about this anymore. My son is 21, and all grown up 🙂 Great post though and something to share with my readers.. have tweeted 🙂
    Sheila recently posted..Back To School Means Back To Basics

  5. I’d like to see our schools teaching a class about smartphones and being responsible with technology and social media. With everyone using phones/tablets, etc. its important kids are taught at home and school about safe practices
    Kristin Barclay recently posted..Paranoia Movie Review, Acting Not A Factor

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