Do you make financial sacrifices as a mom?

Goodbye TV news anchor salary. Hello sacrifice.

That’s how you can sum up the change in my financial situation since I left my job in 2009, got married and pregnant in the same year. I became a stay at home mom and evolved into a work at home mom.

Sometimes I daydream about my single life. I had the job of my dreams (that didn’t involve working weekends), bought a spacious condo with a two car garage, took a trip to Europe with some friends and other “spur of the moment” vacations. I could stay out late and enjoy expensive dinners. The only thing I didn’t have was a brand new car or the car payment that goes along with it. Aside from student loans and a few credit cards, “financial stress” wasn’t in my vocabulary.

Fast forward seven years to 2013…My husband is holding down 90% of our household budget and I’m extremely grateful. A.J. attends a part-time morning preschool which is a lot less expensive than full-time day care.

Since I’m essentially a freelancer who does contracted work with clients, brands and sponsors –  my income is not consistent. I’ve had great months when the revenue was rolling in. I’ve also had months where I worked at a deficit by the time I paid for website hosting and design.

When I have a great month financially, I find that I don’t want to splurge on myself. I’d rather pay for Parents’ Night Out at A.J.’s preschool or a babysitter so my husband and I can have a date night. To treat A.J. I take him to the toy department or bookstore to buy something new.

I haven’t bought myself any new clothes in at least six months. The last thing I bought for myself was a pair of sneakers from Target and it’s because I won the gift card in a giveaway.

Will I ever get back to my previous TV news anchor salary as a work at home mom?

I believe it’s possible. Maybe then  won’t have to sacrifice. But I have even more important financial decisions to make as a wife and mother.

Do you make financial sacrifices as a mom?

When you splurge on yourself, what do you buy?

Disclosure: This post is inspired by Genworth Financial. These are my honest opinions and experiences.

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  1. Splurge I don’t even know the word. I normally don’t buy myself anything I save my little bit of money that I make because I have been down the road where we didn’t have food to eat and bills were late and I never want to go back so if we have extra I choose to keep it. My hubs works 6 days a week so that we can have a roof over our head if I could splurge on anything it would to give him a week vacation by himself.

  2. We have four tween/teens so splurging is very rare for anyone in our house. I gave up my career as a registered nurse 15 years ago to stay at home with my kids. It’s a decision I will NEVER regret and will always feel like me being a home has benefitted my children. But there are times that I miss the extra income we could be making. I also sometimes feel guilty about how hard my husband works. The only thing I truly splurge on for myself is getting my hair professionally colored every six weeks or so – that’s my only treat!
    Kari recently posted..Weekly Links I Liked 2-23-13

  3. We make sacrifices, but it’s on going out to eat and date nights. We opt for a movie and popcorn at home, most of the times!
    Lindsey, the Redhead Baby Mama recently posted..My Tiling Project at the @HomeDepot #DIHWorkshop

  4. The hubby and I are literally in a battle right now. He wants to buy me a new computer and I say just fix the old one. Since becoming a SAHM I am always hesitant to buy myself anything, I make sure all my men big and small get what they want/need first.
    Your Unexpected Beauty (Yolanda) recently posted..Weight Loss Update- hCG 1234

  5. I would make any financial sacrifice to give my son what he needs in life. It doesn’t even feel like I’m making sacrifices! My family is making some reductions so that I can stay home with him while he’s young.
    Mariah recently posted..17 St Patrick Day Recipes #stpatricksday

  6. I have also made the decision to be a stay at home mom. I’m hoping with my blog and BeachBody business it will turn into a WAHM. So far, so good but not near the salary I made on mat leave or the job I had before.
    Randa @ The Bewitchin’ Kitchen recently posted..Tips on Choosing Nursery Furniture for Your Newborn

  7. You have the most important job that pays better then any salary!
    Erinn S recently posted..Take The Guess Work Out Of Ordering Your Lab Coat at Medelita

  8. Ah, a trip to Europe sounds amazing!


  9. I have a tendency to splurge on the kids and scrimp on myself.
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted..Southwest Three Cheese Fiesta Tacos #KraftFreshTake

  10. I’ve gotten into such a habit of buying for everyone but myself, sometimes it’s hard to justify splurging on ME, but we need that every once in a while.
    Crissy recently posted..Channeling Glinda from Disney’s Oz The Great & Powerful #DisneyOz

  11. I do a combination of both. Most of the time if I’m buying anything its for my little ones. But about once a month or so I will treat myself to a book or a new pair of shoes. These are two of my favorite things (next to chocolate). It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, but I absolutely believe in retail therapy!

  12. I am preparing myself mentally for this for the future…. almost there but not quite … I do have a lot of debt from school so my budget for me is small … I think you’d be surprised, with a few tricks what you can buy for yourself for little money.
    Arelis Cintron @DjRelAt7 recently posted..Walking with Jesus in Spirit

  13. My daughter also goes to PT preschool in an effort to save money. I started working a new job, and needed new clothes, so over the last few months, I’ve been buying things for myself. It does feel weird to spend money on myself consistently, but the reality is…little mama still gets the bulk of the treats!
    Brandi recently posted..Wedding Contests – Week of February 25th

  14. I just started purchasing clothes for myself over the last few months out of necessity (a new job). It still feels weird to spend money on myself, but Little Mama still gets the bulk of the goodies!
    Brandi recently posted..Wedding Contests – Week of February 25th

  15. You’re right, Erin. I think staying home now is an investment in our son’s future.

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