My 6 Defining Moments as a Mompreneur #Womenetics @Womenetics

Everything happens for a reason. That may seem like a cliché, but for my experiences as a work at home mom/blogger/talk show host it is the truth. My experience as a news anchor and journalist definitely helps with my new job. Here are my 6 defining moments as a mompreneur that showed me I was headed in the right direction, along with an upcoming Atlanta event where you can hear from more successful women!

My 6 Defining Moments as a Mompreneur ~ MommyTalkShow.

  1. I got my first blog comment. Unless you’re a blogger you may not realize how gratifying it is to write something that touches people in such a way that they scroll alllll the way down to the bottom of you post and write back to you. When I first launched in 2010 I was only reaching my friends and family. Sometimes I wondered if anyone was listening to what I said. But it took off shortly thereafter and more people who either agreed or disagreed with me left comments.
  2. Atlanta moms showed up to my events. So many moms look for answers and resources online, like watching this show, so when they actually make an effort to meet you in person it’s a big deal. When I hosted my show on-location at HippoHopp, my fellow bloggers and viewers showed up to support me and the locally owned business.
  3. “Mom guilt” reared its ugly head. I juggle working from home while being our son’s primary caretaker. But a few times a month, I turn to people I trust to fill-in when I have events, meeting and freelance video gigs. I.Feel.Guilty. I also know I can’t be the center of A.J.’s universe.  He can learn from and be loved by other people, aside from family.
  4. My husband complimented me. He’s a pretty critical person on a personal and professional level. We worked together for almost five years covering breaking news in Jackson, MS. When he said he thought I’d do well if I got a TV job here in Atlanta and compared my skills to the reporters he works with everyday, I knew I hadn’t loss my professional mojo.
  5. A client said they didn’t know what they’d do without me. That made my month. In case you don’t know, I’m fortunate enough to use my blog to position myself as a freelance writer and consultant. I’ve been approached by businesses owners and brands who want to help get their products and services out to moms. One local client was so impressed with how I managed an issue she said she didn’t know what she’d do without me…and it felt damn good.
  6. I ended up on the local news. As a journalist it was quite weird being on the other side of the camera when Good Day Atlanta interviewed me about my e-book, co-working and life an a work at home mom.

Comment below: What was your defining moment as a mom, mompreneur or blogger where you realized you were “headed in the right direction”?

Defining Moments as a Mompreneur #Womentics ~

Would you like to hear more defining moments from women and mompreneurs? “Womenetics will recognize 12 outstanding women in the Atlanta area. These women are nominated by corporate and community leaders for not only their leadership but what they do to contribute to community at-large.” Meet those 12 women when you join me at the 2014 POW! Awards April 30th from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Georgia Aquarium. Follow @Womenetics on Twitter for more ways to connect with business women.

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About Joyce Brewer

Creator & Host of Mommy Talk Show. Emmy award-winning TV journalist.Wife & Mommy; Mom Blogger; Social Media Coach; Long Island, New York transplant living in Atlanta, GA. Follow Joyce on Twitter @MommyTalkShow Author of Use What You Know: A Business Idea Guide for Moms featuring interviews with mompreneurs who created businesses using their skills & backgrounds.

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  1. I am not at all surprised by your many successes, Joyce. I am such a fan of yours and appreciate what you do to help and inspire other work at home moms.

  2. Good job my friend.
    I love reading your blog, so I’m not surprised with your success 🙂

  3. Kasandria Reasoner

    You are a ROCKSTAR!! Congrats on everything and more success your way!

  4. Love these! You’ve definitely grown and I love reading along.

  5. Wow! Congrats on ending up on the local news! That is pretty big cheese! And quite impressive! Go you!

  6. congratulations on your success, perseverance and work bring the results happy for you!

  7. I haven’t had one of these defining moments yet but I sure hope to one day. Next month will be one year since I started my little blog 🙂

  8. I am so happy with your many victories, Joyce. I think it’s great and truly appreciate what you do to help and inspire other work at home moms!

  9. Defining moments in BB’s career- when a stranger AND my husband called me a writer, also when my daughter’s joined “the family business” and became bloggers too. Much continued success to you, and may you always know the specialness of you. BB2U

  10. Hi Joyce! I am so impressed with your blog! Thank you for sharing and encouraging “green bloggers”. The moments you described above are indeed precious and remembering them always fills up the tank when we run out of steam… Keep it up!