How to Cope with Perimenopause During the Holiday Season #SEHolidayFresh #AD

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As we head into the hectic holiday season, I’m reminding moms to make themselves a priority. Between the end of the year deadlines, holiday parties, and holiday shopping you can feel overwhelmed. On top of that, I’m coping with perimenopause symptoms as an over 40 Mom. In the last year, my perimenopause symptoms have become undeniable so I’ve taken the approach to be ready for any physical changes it brings. By using Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Wash & Individually-Wrapped Cloths I was able to stay fresh and confident whether I’m on-the-go or at home.

Be prepared for longer and shorter periods
Thanks to a period tracker app I have a better idea of when my period will arrive. But period tracker apps aren’t 100% perfect. I keep sanitary napkins and tampons handy all the time. They’re in my work bag, every bathroom in our home and even my makeup bag. You just never know.


My gynecologist reminded me that my body’s hormone levels are changing as I approach menopause. I’m also on a birth control pill that’s known to cause spotting between periods. Nothing ruins your day like an unexpected period, so I was delighted to see how using Summer’s Eve during this phase of life would help.

Stay fresh on the go

On a recent press trip to Los Angeles, I anxiously awaited the arrival of my period. I would have preferred to be home during that time so I can relax and take a nap if needed, but I had events to attend and deadlines to meet.

The individually-wrapped Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths were easy to pack in my luggage and keep with me on the go. The Island Splash scent was light and refreshing. All I had to do was unfold them, wipe and toss them in the trash. I was ready on-the-go any time when I felt like freshening.

If you’ll have visitors or overnight guests this holiday season, leave Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths in your bathroom for them to use too.

Be open with your partner
Keep the lines of communication open with your partner about how your body is changing and how it will affect your sex life. Feeling fresh and relaxed are necessary to make a real connection with your partner. I keep Summer’s Eve® Cleaning Wash, also in the Island Splash scent, in my shower. It’s free from dyes and parabens so I don’t have to worry about irritation when washing intimate areas.

Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths and Cleaning Wash are pH-Balanced, dermatologist & gynecologist tested. Learn more on the Summer’s Eve® website to see the Clinically Tested Safe Scents™ available. Follow Summer’s Eve® on Instagram and you’ll see how women weave the reliable feminine product into their everyday lives.

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  1. Great tips for the busy holiday season

  2. This product sounds amazing! Even though I’m not coping with peri menopause yet, I would definitely give these a try.

  3. Love the packaging and how easy it is to toss a few in a purse or carry-on. Genius!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m not in this element of my life, but I know I will be one day. I’ll be sure to keep this on my list.

  5. This is going to help a lot of women. Things never seem to work quite right – or at least quite the same – after menopause. I’m glad to know there’s something out there that can help.

  6. This is a tremendous source for women! It is sure to be a lot of help for those who are going through menopause.

  7. Summer’s Eve sounds like a right product for me. I have not reached the period of menopause but have these tips and products in mind definitely help me prepare for the best.

  8. Girl, I just got back from the doctor and I am in perimenopause. my periods are longer and have been almost every two weeks. This is for the birds. I cant be almost this old.

  9. I am actually not sure what the difference between perimenopause and menopause it, but I am definitely going through some changes.

  10. Thanks for the info on this product. I had to have my ob/gyn prescribe BCP to regulate my cycle as it was going haywire. It is too much to have an unpredictable cycle. I’m over 45 and just wishing itcwill end soon. My only issue were night sweats and I started taking Vitamin E. It reduced them greatly.

  11. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    Feminine hygiene should always be our priority, whether we are in that stage of perimenopause or not. I like that these come in convenient travel packs. I have to remember to get some and keep it in my purse.

  12. Their cleansing wash is no stranger in my home, but I think it’s time to give the cleansing wipes a try. I struggle with perimenopausal symtoms as well so Aunt Flo just shows up at random times now…along with other annoying issues. Anyway thanks for sharing this!

  13. I’m honestly scared. I’m almost 40 in a few days (on 01/06/19) and cannot stop thinking about all of THIS and the changes our body goes through.

  14. This product sounds interesting. Anything that adds to my freshness I am there ! I am sensitive to some products but this line appears free from my chemical triggers.

  15. I used to carry these with me, because they’re great for freshening up especially if you are out and about all day! I may have to go back to keeping them on me because I like to be able to freshen up when it’s that time of the month or anytime I feel I need them!

  16. This is good information. I will grab a pack of the cleansing cloths, so I can toss them in my purse and in my desk at work.

  17. Girl, I am totally in this stage! I’m in my mid-40s, and I didn’t get my period for 3 months last year – I thought that was the end, but alas…no. Ha! It’s an odd time of life for sure, and these wipes seem handy.

  18. I have never heard of perimenopause before so this totally opened my eyes. Thanks so much for sharing about this!

  19. Due to my Mirena IUD I don’t experience a full cycle. Instead, I have spotting and it isn’t as predictable as I would like. Thankfully I do have been using the Summer’s Eve Cloths and they are keeping me fresh while out.

  20. katrina kroeplin

    great information. i went through menopause at age 31 (3 years ago) and it’s not easy.

  21. I’ve tried the cleansing wash but have never tried their wipes. I might give the a try. I suffer from perimenopause symtoms as well, so it’s better to be prepared to anything and everything the best way we can .

  22. With the holidays it’s so hard to remember things like this. What is it about being busy and having so many celebrations that cause us to forget. Nothing like being prepared though, I always have a little bag in my car or backpack.

  23. These are some great tips as so many of us are busy.