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My 2017 Goals: Get Out & Collaborate

Featured 2017 Collaborations

One of the hardest transitions in my life was to go from working from home instead of in a TV newsroom. If you’ve never visited a TV station it may be hard to really grasp what it’s like. You’re surrounded by fellow reporters, producers and managers. If there’s breaking news, there’s …

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Holiday Home Cleaning: 8 Reasons to Book It

Before I could even blink after Thanksgiving, it felt like Christmas. The holiday trees are up in stores and Christmas music is on the radio. Then my reminders on my iPhone started counting off until we leave for our Carnival Cruise (shhhh! A.J. doesn’t know yet) and then leave on …

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What’s on Your End of the Year To-Do List?

There’s nothing like looking at the calendar and realizing there’s less than 60 days left in the year. Whew! I just don’t feel productive. But I’ve got to get in gear and so do you! Ending strong can help us establish better practices for the beginning of the school year. …

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