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What was Your First Job?

When I turned 14, I couldn’t wait to get  a New York working permit so I could get my first job. I worked at the local McDonald’s for three years and had a great time hanging out with my friends from high school. When I turned 17, I got sick …

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HippoHopp Duluth Groupon Deal for Indoor Play & Family Package by 10/10

Atlanta Groupon, HippoHopp Duluth, Atlanta indoor play

One of A.J.’s favorite places to play is HippoHopp indoor play space and birthday party center. You may recall we taped the show on-location at HippoHopp Duluth in May 2012 featuring the organic and healthy snack options for young families. HippoHopp is also eco-friendly. The staff uses “green” products to …

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Video Pledge: I’m Never Too Busy To Vote

Never Too Busy to Vote, Kyle Young, Women and Voting, Female Vote

I’m watching the 2012 Presidential Debate tonight because voting is a priority for me. Will you be watching? It blows my mind that the 2012 Presidential Election is just 34 days away. Did you know in 2010, only 46% of American women voted?! Less than half. We’ve got to do …

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BabbaBox 1st Birthday Party 10/3 & Annual Membership Giveaway

BabbaBox, BabbaCo, BabbaBox Giveaway, BabbaBox Video Review, BabbaBox Membership

Update: BabbaBox has merged with Barefoot Books publishing and is no longer offering subscription boxes. BabbaBox is monthly activity box designed to get your preschoolers engaged and excited about learning. For $29.999 a month you’ll get one delivered to your home and start exploring with your children. Use the promo …

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