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Guest Post: 5 Simple Ways to be a Stress-Free Mommy

moms and stress, stress free mommy, mothers priorities, new mothers

Recently, I had a conversation with my friend Joyce about stress.  Mommy stress.  She seemed a little shocked, and dare I say, skeptical, that I feel less stressed now than I did before having a baby.  Perhaps my “mommy brain” made me forget how blissfully carefree my life was before? …

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4 Low-Cost Ways to Take a Mommy Break

How to Take a Mommy Break, Need a mommy break, low cost ways to take a mommy break, moms and stress, mommy brain

Thanks for your comments on my revealing video: 4 Funny Signs I Had Mommy Brain. Many of you suggested I take time for myself, which I already knew I needed, but no one tells moms how to take a break. How do you take a mommy break? Is your spouse/partner/family …

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(VIDEO) 4 Funny Signs I Had “Mommy Brain”

Mommy Brain, Moms and Stress, Mothers Memory Loss, Moms and Memory Loss

Last week was pretty stressful for me and it seemed like every mom I talked to was going through the same thing. So I did a very informal poll on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page to see if you wanted to read/watch stories on coping with motherhood and there …

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